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Cinnamon Myrtle

Cinnamon Myrtle has many health benefits, and is simple to use. Its powerful herbaceous flavour helps to make a perfect roasted chicken, or to be added into a herbal tea for a healthy (and delicious) herbal infusion.

Health Benefits:

Used for thousands of years, Cinnamon Myrtle a natural remedy for colic, dyspepsia, heartburn and other digestive problems. Brew in a mug of warm tea to assist general well-being.



Native to tropical NSW & QLD, our Cinnamon Myrtle is grown in Western Australia where an invasive fungus, Myrtle Rust, doesn't live.

This means that we can ensure a product that is free from fungicides, which is not considered good for human health. Our grower also holds eco-certification.


Culinary Uses:

A wonderfully earthy flavour, it adds an intense flavour in curries, stews and middle-eastern dishes. It's gentle aromatic profile is considered spice-like incorporating those such as cinnamon and nutmeg with undernotes of pepper and paprika.

It is delicious in mulled wine due to this, and is an even better addition to traditional sangria recipes.


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Historical Uses

Myrtaceae makes up 60% of Australian forest species. The spicy species lives endemically in the rainforests of North-eastern Australia.

The powerful flavour was harvested by both indigenous peoples and later by colonists. The nutrient filled leaves were crushed and applied topically, and added to cooking for people living in the region. 


Modern Uses

Most commonly added to baked goods, it appears in many dishes especially stews and curries where it helps enhance the flavour of meat.

In fact, due the dynamic nature of the flavour it can be found in warm beverages such as herbal teas, and going as far as being extracted for the essential oils which are then further added to moisturisers and other skin products.


Recipe Ideas

Vegetarian Native Curry

Want to give Cinnamon Myrtle a go? 

Cinnamon Myrtle