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Mountain Pepperleaf

Mountain Pepperleaf is powerful in providing a herbaceous, medderteranian styled flavour with an Australian twist. Produced from the dried leaves of Mountain Pepperberry, the leaves are a great source of nutrients and have been used for thousands of years. 

Health Benefits:

Mountain Pepperleaf is well known for its high amounts of antioxidants. Adding to this, Pepperleaf:

  • contains both Lutein which is vital for good eye health
  • contains polygodial which can be used as a herbal anti-inflammatory which will help both with intestinal and joint health
  • anti-septic properties



Found edemically in South-Eastern Australia, the Pepperberry bush produces delicious berries, Pepperberries, and strong, narrow leaves. Both the leaves and the berries are edible and are a great, non-chemical covered, replacement for regular black pepper.


Culinary Uses:

Pepperleaf can be used as a preservative, and is great to put in with fermentation projects like kimchi, or sauerkraut, or is an excellent addition to pickled vegetables. Some other uses include hummus, dips, or to be added into a high quality olive oil for a spicy infusion.

Rub some over a roast chicken with butter & Pepperberry before roasting, or sprinkle over fresh fish before grilling to add an earthy spice. 


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