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With hundreds of identified species of Saltbush around the world, Old Man's Saltbush leads the ranks with its powerful salty flavour, and delicious Mediterranean style taste. Native to the semi-arid regions of Australia, Old Man's Saltbush has been used traditionally for its seeds and is commonly planted due to its hardiness to feed livestock. Its broad leaves and pale-green colour make it a great garnish too!



Yet, this famous shrub has some incredible facts about it too!


Health Benefits:

A true blue Aussie hero that:

  • Has up to 20% less sodium than regular salt
  • Abundant amount of anti-oxidants to help neutralize free radicals and detoxify your body

Among those this, it is also a beneficial source of calcium, and is high in many different essential minerals helping to boost general well-being.



Native to the arid regions of Southern Australia, there are 52 different species of Saltbush, all sharing similar characteristics. Our product comes from North-Eastern South Australia, in a farm where there is no use of chemicals in the production of the plant. The leaves are harvested, dried, and milled.


Culinary Uses:

Due to it's rich salty flavour, it's an earthy substitute to regular salt and can be used as a seasoning on slow cooked meats, stews, curries and soups.

  • Slow-cooked meals, with hearty flavours
  • Perfect a top of roasted vegetables 

It has become common to add onto roasted vegetables for it's herby flavour, whilst acting a reduced-salt option. Traditionally, it has been used as a flavouring in bread and sourdough.


Historical Uses

A native shrub growing across the arid southern areas of Australia, Saltbush has long been a traditional source of food used by the original inhabitants of Australia. The seeds from the shrub were gathered and ground into a powder to make damper, and the ashes of the burnt leaves acted as a form of natural baking soda.

Modern Uses

Restaurants across Australia utilize the fresh leaves as on top of various appetizers to give a salty and fresh flair to quality dishes. The leaves are most commonly added to seasonings, and have grown in popularity due to the sustainable nature of the shrub which requires little water to thrive.

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