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Sandalwood Nut

Vegan Friendly | Sustainably Sourced | Naturally Grown

This semi-parasitical shrub in native to Western Australia where it produces hundreds of medium-sized nuts that are packed with nutrients that are essential for good health. Sandalwood Nuts are an incredible addition to granola, on top of yogurts, or as a great nut spread. Their protein and fibre content make them a valuable addition to your kitchen.

Health Benefits:

Sandalwood Oil has been used as an alternative medicine, yet the Australian Sandalwood Nut is filled with health benefits including:

  • Ximenynic acid, one of the rarest fatty acids, which has been hailed as a strong anti-inflammatory, and powerful agent in the fight against aging.
  • 3 times the dietary fibre as Macadamia Nuts, and double the protein (at 20g per 100g).
  • With low carbs, each nut is jam-packed with Monounsaturated Omega 9 fatty acids - which has been proven to help reduce cholesterol and clean up arteries.



Each nut is picked from sustainable farms in Western Australia. Native to semi-arid regions of Western Australia, permaculture techniques are used to produce the highest quality nuts without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or even fertilizer.


Culinary Uses:

Its delicate flavour is similar to Macadamia Nuts, and is a great Aussie replacement to almonds in cooking and baking. Some uses for the nurtritious Sandalwood Nut include: Sandalwood Nut Milk, Granola, and as a delicious addition in cakes that use almond meal (replace with Sandalwood Nuts).

It is commonly fried in butter and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon for a crunchu, sweet dessert, or to be used in a trail mix when hiking or camping. One of our favourite uses for Sandalwood Nuts is sprinkling a bowl with Pepperleaf and salt for a delicious party snack.

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Sandalwood Nuts