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Strawberry Gum

Health Benefits:

Showcasing a host of health benefits, Eucalyptus Olida, or Strawberry Gum contains:

  • Anti-Fungal & Anti-Bacterial Properties
  • Helps to balance gut micro-flora, which helps to calm the stomach and improve general intestinal health.
  • Thought to be a good source of antioxidants which help to neutralize carcinogens, may soothe inflammation, and slow the aging process.

This incredible health booster can easily be added to smoothies, on savoury, or sweet dishes.



Native to the Tablelands Region of NSW, its recent re-discovery has lead to a craze in the use of Strawberry Gum. Our Strawberry Gum is organically grown in  Victoria, and is sustainably sourced without the use of chemical sprays.


Culinary Uses:

Due to its rich essential oils, Strawberry Gum's aromatic flavour is filled with delicious undernotes of basil, strawberries, and red fruits. It is an excellent addition in all cream based deserts such as Pavlova, or Pana Cotta. Make a Chilli & Strawberry Gum marinade for fish, or sprinkle a bit over a fresh fruit salad. Our favourite is in a Balsamic & Olive oil vinegarette. It is becoming increasingly used by Gin and Beer manufacturers for its fruity flavour.


Want to detox? Check out our Strawberry Gum Green Organic Tea for a fruity flavour with only two natural ingredients.

Historical Uses

Native only to the NSW Tablelands region, in the highest highland region of Australia. Also known as Forestberry, it contains the highest quantity of methyl cinnamate of any plant, giving it the strong fruit-berry flavour.

Because of this, indigenous people often chewed the plant for the flavour, and used it as a medicinal plant for the essential oils which helped cure stomach ailments.


Modern Uses

Sold in small flakes, it is ideal when used for baking and making deserts due to its incredible flavour. However the dynamic nature of this indigenous herb has seen an increase of use in cocktails, and also is a great flavour contrast when paired with slow cooked meat and fresh seafood.

Strawberry Gum also is a great addition to sauces, and compliments spicy toppings perfectly. 


Recipe Ideas

Strawberry Gum Crème Brulee


Want to give some Strawberry Gum a go? We've got ethically and sustainably sourced Strawberry Gum already ground so you can start cooking!

Strawberry Gum Green Tea

Strawberry Gum Ground