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Native Lime + Bitters Cocktail

    Bitters are a fragrant, concentrated infusion of botanicals in a liquor base. They are a typical bar blender that add flashes of flavour to mixed drinks like the good old and martini. With a delicious aroma of fresh, zesty citrus and a hint of cooked apples, the cocktail is simply irresistible.



      Prep Time

      10 Mins

      Total Time

      15 mins

      Serving Size



      30ml Lemon Juice

      10ml Bitters

      10ml Strawberry Gum Syrup

      1tsp Davidson Plum Powder

      40ml Soda Water

      To serve:


      Fresh Strawberries


      1. Fill a glass with ice

      2. Add the bitters then the lemon juice

      3. Sprinkle over Desert Lime Powder

      4. Pour in Soda Water

      5. Splash in the Strawberry Gum Syrup

      6. Garnish

      7. Enjoy

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