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New Years Resolution: Plastic Free by December 2020

What an exciting year it has been! As I look back, I can't help but say thank you to everyone for their positivity, intrigue and desire to learn more about Australia's incredible native food. I have been so grateful for those who have shared our brand, given us feedback, and helped us grow!

But as a new year turns the corner, I want to stop and reflect on what we can improve. It's been clear, as our range grows, and as a brand that holds sustainability at its core, the elephant in the room must go - plastic. 

This is no easy task, especially in the realm of food manufacturing. There are stark food regulations regarding food safety, and the cost is significantly higher that non-biodegradable alternatives.

But what I believe is that for the world to be sustainable, it is up to the government, enterprises, and the end consumer alike to make changes. This is why it is our obligation to ensure plastic free packaging to offer consumers, so in turn, they may choose more environmentally friendly options.

I've outlined a plan which will guide us through the use of biodegradable alternatives, which will not alter the end price or shelf life of each product. We will completely phase out the use of plastic by 31st of December, 2020, at 11:59pm. 

This will be a complete challenge, but I know that I will have the support of both my incredible team and outstanding customers. 

Let's welcome a New Year and a sustainable future!


Happy New Year!

Hayden Marks


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