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Purple Dragonfruit Gin with Strawberry Gum Syrup Gin

We've developed the ultimate cocktail and beverage booster featuring Strawberry Gum - a Eucalyptus with a flavour that resembles sweet berries, with a touch of mint, basil and menthol. What a perfect addition for your Purple Dragonfruit Gin

Recipe by homegrowing_family

purple dragon fruit strawberry gum cocktail



Prep Time:
2 Minutes

Total Time:
5 Minutes 




  • 1/4 of a purple dragon fruit⁠
  •   About 3 tbsp of strawberry gum syrup⁠
  •   Pink gin (as much as you want😆)⁠ ice cubes⁠
  •   Lime flavoured soda/mineral water⁠
  1. Mash dragonfruit with a fork and add to your cup. 
  2. Add gin, strawberry gums syrup, and ice cubes.⁠
  3. Top it up with soda water⁠
  4. Get some edible flowers or herbs like native mint from your garden and add to your drink and make it pretty⁠
⁠ Sit back and enjoy 😊


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