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Lemon Aspen - Growing Lemon Aspen

Image from Melbourne Bushfood

    Lemon Aspen is a medium-sized plant native to Queensland. It is a rainforest tree which bears small fruits with a white-green color. The fruits have a taste with an element of Grapefruit and lime. The leaves have an attractive glossy look and a strong scent resembling that of a mango when crushed. 

    In its dried form, Lemon Aspen can be used as a spice, it can also be eaten raw or can be made into jams, syrups and jellies.

    Image from Melbourne Bushfood

    Good for:

    - Beginners

    - Frost 

    - Drought




    Full sun/Part Shade


    Up to 15m high
    and 8m wide



    For best results, plant in a loamy, well-drained soil, and place your plant in full sun. You can also grow in part shade for reasonable results. This dense, prickly bush typically grows up to 15m tall and 8m wide.  Pruning can be done to control growth and ensure easy harvesting. It should be sheltered against strong winds to avoid damage.

    Frost tolerance

    Lemon Aspen is supposed to be a frost tolerant plant and can survive frost of up to -5 degrees, but if you live a cold climate we recommend to protect it during Winter and don’t over water it.


    This lovely species does exemplary well in full sun and fairly well in part shade.


    Watering & Drought Tolerance

    Water moderately at tender age. Lemon Aspen is drought tolerant at maturity age.


    Fertilizing should be done before blooming season. If you grow in pots, use Osmocote premium potting mix and low Phosphorus Native Fertiliser. 


    Harvesting should be done when the fruit is almost ripe to avoid damaging the fruit when fully ripe. Allow the fruit to fully ripen at home.

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