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Native Storksbill - Pelargonium australe - Care Guide

Pelargonium australe! Also known as the Native Storksbill, this perennial herb is native to all states and territories of Australia except the Northern Territory. A common plant, you'll find it growing in 

sand dunes, coastal cliffs and rocky outcropsIt also grows beautiful pink flowers with dark markings.


A fantastic pollinator, you can expect this spectacular native to blossom with creamy pink flowers with dark vein patterns radiating from the centre. These flowers bloom in Summer. 


Quick Care

Botanical Name
Pelargonium australe
Size Plant: Seedling pot, min 20 cm tall
Frost Tolerance:
Frost tolerant.
Drought Tolerance: Tolerant once established.
Soil Type:
Well-drained soils.
Sun: Full-sun
Size:  50cm shrub.
Pots: Does well in pots.
Feeding: Feed a high-quality native plant food every 6 months.



For best results, plant your Native Storksbill in rich, well-drained soils and place your plant in full sun. This dense, furry shrub can attain a height of up to 50cm in the Summer months. It's the perfect shrub for a ground cover.


Frost tolerance

Native Storksbill is a very hardy native shrub and is able to tolerate frosty conditions. So this plant is perfect for those who live in a cooler climate like Melbourne. 



This lovely species does well when planted in a full sun position.



Watering & Drought Tolerance 

Once it’s settled, Native Stork’sbill doesn’t like much water, so plant it where the roots won’t stay wet for too long. During wintertime, you can hold back on watering.


Fertilising your Native Storks-bill 

Being a hardy plant, Native Storksbill will not require much fertilising.  



During the warmer summer months, post flowering, Native Stork’sbill will begin to look a bit straggly, so give it a prune by cutting off most of the older leaves and flower stems. You’ll notice that it has a lot of small fresh young leaves growing from its base. These will grow into a lovely small rounded mound quite quickly.


Growing Native Storks-bill in pots

As a relatively fast-growing native plant, Native Storksbill can grow quickly if left unchecked. So you'll want to grow in a medium to large-sized pot to ensure the best results. If you feel that it needs it, use a high-quality potting mix without fillers or additives and add your own plant food for the highest success.