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We just got listed as one of the best go-to nurseries for native plants in Melbourne!

Hurraaaay! 2022, I'm loving you! We've recorded another win for our small native plants and ingredients business 🎉🎉

We just got listed as one of the best go-to nurseries for native plants in Melbourne! 

Don't believe it? Take a peek at the article right here We started this journey in 2019, to be honest, it feels (at least in my mind) like just a couple of months ago! A single gourmet stand packed with Native ingredients at Melbourne market.

And now here we are two years later with a warehouse and an incredible team of wonderful and diverse backgrounds.

I can still hear myself working at that stand, "Hey you! Would you like to try Lemon Myrtle on your roasted chicken?" hailing at a passerby.

And then I thought, what if one could actually grow their own Lemon Myrtle? In their own backyard? Wouldn't that be fantastic?

But when I looked it up online, I couldn't find any. So I decided to source one (or a few) for anyone needing it. Four years down the line here we are. 

We have sent more than 150,000 plants across Australia. Don't be fooled, this was no easy feat. Especially when COVID 19 struck, and a 3-5 day delivery to New South Wales turned to a 10 day delivery. ..and then 15. But we persevered! Anything coming between you and your Native Plants would have to go through us first. We’ve made it to the other side and our promise remains the same, we'll send a healthy and happy baby plant for your garden come hailstorm or sunshine. It's the least we can do for your selfless support. 

Small wins like this article naming us one of the best go-to nurseries for native plants in Melbourne makes all of the hard work worthwhile and it keeps me on track for the real mission; to put Aussie natives in bellies across the world whilst supporting the small farmers, non-for-profits and Indigenous Communities who supply us!

I mean it when I say, we couldn't have done this without you.


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