Australian Steak with Pepperberry

Tasmanian Pepperberry

Growing between 4 - 5m high,Tasmanian Pepperberry prefers cool climate. Aboriginal Australians have used its leaves and berries for thousands of years, both as a flavouring agent, and for medicinal purposes. It was a preferred medicine for stomach aches, colic, skin diseases and venereal diseases.

With the arrival of European Colonists, they discovered the Pepperberry to be useful to treat scurvy which was common due to the long voyage from Great Britain to the new colony. Aboriginal Australians continue to use it as a medicinal herb upto date

For people faced with health challenges such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases, Tasmanian Pepperberry is a huge relief according to a recent study.

The fresh Tasmanian Pepperberry is cunningly sweet when you first taste it, before the hot Pepperberry taste kicks in. For lovers of anything hot, this is your go to Bush Spice.

You'll find it growing naturally in alpine regions of Tasmania and south-eastern states of the Australian mainland. Its distinctive reddish stems bloom and produce fleshy black berries that are then dried and ground to produce a savoury spice to substitute the conventional pepper.

It's popularity in Australia comes from it's spicier, and hotter taste compared to the conventional pepper.


500g sirloin steak

20g Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry

3 medium sized onions

20ml virgin oil

50g honey

30g White Vinegar

60ml Soy Sauce

15g Cold Butter

1 bunch parsley

3 spring onions

Sesame seeds

15g Salt 

15g Pepper


  1. Burn the onions on open flame until they turn completely dark and become soft at the centre. Allow them to cool.
  2. Slice the 500g sirloin steak into 2 equal halves
  3. Coat the steak with oil and season both sides with salt and pepper. Allow to rest.
  4. Deglaze the pan with honey and add 30ml of White Vinegar.
  5. Add 60ml soy sauce, and some Pepperberry.
  6. Add butter and stir. 
  7. Remove the dark layer of onions and separate the soft interior layers. 
  8. In a bowl, add the soft layers of the onions, sesame seeds, pinch of salt and add extra white vinegar to make onion salad.
  9. Add a little extra virgin oil to the mixture and toss
  10. Slice the steak on a plate
  11. Pour the juices from the board into the sauce.
  12. Stir as you pour over the steak. 
  13. Serve with onion salad.

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