Finger Lime Guacamole

Guacamole Finger Lime Recipe

We've added a little Aussie piquant twist to this Mexican guacamole, making it tastier and better! With Native Australian Finger Lime Caviar adding the little bursts of sweet tart flavours, this recipe is irresistible. It is quick and easy to follow. 


  1. 1 avocado ripe
  2. 10g garlic powder
  3. 20g of sriracha 
  4. 20ml lime juice
  5. 3 finger lime fruits / or 1 teaspoon of Finger Lime Powder


  1. Pulp the avocado into a bowl
  2. Mix the sriracha, garlic powder and lime juice into a separate bowl
  3. Mix the avocado with the sriracha garlic and lime juice mixture
  4. Cut 2 finger limes in halves and squeeze out the vesicles into the mixture and stir carefully
  5. Cut the remaining finger lime and use the finger lime balls as a topping on the guacamole

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