Finger Lime Pannacotta, Desert Lime Granita and Macadamia Crumb


Finger Lime Panna Cotta, Desert Lime Granita and Macadamia crumb

We’ve teamed up with an incredible home chef and vegan recipe master from @Veganaugogo who has come up with this awesome recipe.


What is a Finger Lime?


Scientifically known as Citrus australasica, finger limes have been used by Indigenous Australians for millennia.They are also currently being used in top Aussie restaurants for their tangy lemon flavour. They fruit is usually cut into halves and the pulp scooped for use. The round beads pop on the roof of the mouth to produce a tantalizing sharp juice.


Finger Limes are rich in  folate, potassium, Vitamins E and C. Indigenous Australians have used it for many generations as an antiseptic to treat boils. A recent study about the Finger Lime found that while small, the Finger Lime packs a punch which it comes to Vitamin C, with a small serving containing almost a third of your daily Vitamin C intake! Although most popular in Queensland and New South Wales, Finger Limes grow in most regions of Australia. Fruiting between March and May, they start producing heavy fruit in 3 to 4 years. They prefer a well drained soil, of PH between 6.5 to 7.5 The 5 metre trees do both well on gardens as in pots. To keep them shorter, regular pruning is recommended.

They are available in a number of varieties each with  different characteristics.


What about Desert Lime?


Botanically known as Citrus glauca, Desert Lime is a citrus that has been used by Indigenous Australians for millennia: It is used to make jams, tarts, and jellies. It is also used to make juice by grinding it into seasoning powder due to its unique piquant lime flavour.

In Australia, Desert Lime is now being more commonly used in dressings, marinades, chutneys, pickles, and preserves, brined peeled, candied products, liqueurs, flavoured butter, cordials, and syrups. The flavour is bitter, a bit like lime, with an addictive citrus ring to it

According to a 2019 studyit is rich in Glycosides-- a skin healer that is used to repair injured skin cells. It also helps in the absorption of vital ingredients which keeps the skin in good health. Desert Lime is used in making sunscreen to help block UV rays that could damage the skin.

As an antioxidant, Desert Lime is an immune booster helping the body to fight illnesses. It contains coumarin, an anti-fungicidal, and furanocoumarin that helps in skin regeneration with anti-aging properties.

Mixed with the traditional Italian Panna cotta, it gives a unique Australian-Italian fusion which is perfect to prepare in advance for a dinner party. With the delicious aroma of fresh zesty, citrus and tantalizing hint of cooked apples, this dessert fills the room with the smell of native citrus as soon as it starts baking. The Desert Lime gives it a unique piquant lime flavour, perfect addition to the citric notes. It's best served when cool after main meals.

Making 4-6 Panna cottas.


Panna cotta Ingredients:

  1. 500ml Soy Milk
  2. 120g sugar
  3. 15g Finger Lime Powder
  4. 1 Sachet of “Queen vegan Jel-it-in Powder“ (can be found in baking aisle of supermarket)
  5. Pink food colouring (optional)

Granita Ingredients:

  1. 250ml Water
  2. 30g Caster Sugar
  3. 5g Desert Lime Powder

Crumb Ingredients:

  1. 60g Cup Plain Flour
  2. 30g Vegan Butter
  3. 15g Brown Sugar
  4. 60g Macadamias, chopped



  1. Combine the granita ingredients together and mix well
  2. Place into a shallow container and freeze for one hour
  3. Give the mixture a stir, then put it back in the freezer for another hour
  4. With a fork, scrape across the mixture to create the granita crystals
  5.  If it’s not completely frozen yet, you can repeat this process


  1. Pre-heat oven to 200 celsius
  2. In a bowl, combine together the flour and sugar
  3. Add the butter into the flour mixture and rub it in with your fingers to create crumbs
  4. Mix in the chopped Macadamias
  5. Lay the mixture out flat on a lined baking tray and bake for 10 minutes
  6. Place in a bowl to completely cool down or you can place it in the fridge


  1. Grease your pannacotta moulds with a little oil or butter (if you don’t have any moulds, you can use a muffin pan)
  2. In a bowl mix together the soy milk, sugar, food colouring and Jel-it-in powder
  3. Place a saucepan on medium heat and add in the mixture
  4. Once it reaches boiling point, let it boil for one minute then turn the temperature to low and add in the Finger Lime powder
  5. Working quickly, ladle the mixture into the moulds close to the top and place in the fridge to set for half an hour
  6. When they’ve set, you can run a knife around the edge and flip them out
  7. When everything has cooled, then you can plate your dessert!

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