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Lemon Chicken Recipe with Native Australian Spices (Lemon Myrtle & Tasmanian Pepperberry)

Lemon Chicken Recipe with Native Australian Spices (Lemon Myrtle & Tasmanian Pepperberry) This simple lemon chicken recipe is ideal for a weeknight supper! Not very lemony, just enough for an amazing zesty flavour. It's made with Lemon Myrtle and Tasmanian Pepperberry, Native Australian spices sourced from Indigenous Communities.

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Australian Steak with Pepperberry

Tasmanian Pepperberry! You'll find it growing naturally in alpine regions of Tasmania and south-eastern states of the Australian mainland. Its distinctive reddish stems bloom and produce fleshy black berries that are then dried and ground to produce a savoury spice to substitute the conventional pepper.It's popularity in Australia comes from it's spicier, and hotter taste compared to the conventional pepper. And we've got just the excellent recipe.

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