Wattleseed and Thyme Damper

An Australian damper that can be made in a camp stove on an open fire or in the broiler at home. The wattleseed smell is stunning and adds a nutty, espresso-like flavour to the damper. It’s perfect when hot from the broiler with spread and brilliant syrup.


  1. 1000g Self-raising flour, sifted
  2. 10g Wattleseed
  3. 6 Thyme Leaves
  4. 5g salt
  5. 500 ml full-cream milk


  1. A margarine and brilliant syrup, to serve in case you're utilizing a camp stove, fabricate a fire, and get a pleasant bed of coals going. 
  2. In case you're preparing in a broiler at home, softly oil a heating plate and preheat the stove to 200˚C. 
  3. In a bowl, join the flour, Wattleseed, thyme, and salt, at that point make a well in the middle and pour in the milk. 
  4. Consolidate everything to shape a smooth somewhat sodden mixture. 
  5. Turn the batter out onto a floured seat, and ply until the mixture is smooth. 
  6. Shape the mixture into a round portion. Utilize a sharp blade to score the top with an "X". 
  7. Daintily dust the top with flour not long prior to heating. 
  8. In the event that utilizing a camp broiler, set the stove on a bed of tenderly gleaming coals, place the portion inside, put the cover on, and, utilizing a digging tool, lay a few coals over the camp stove. 
  9. Prepare for around 35 minutes or until the portion has a brilliant outside layer and sounds empty when tapped. 
  10. On the off chance that heating your damper in a standard broiler, place the portion on the stove plate and prepare for 35–40 minutes – once more, you need the portion to have a brilliant earthy coloured outside and sound empty when tapped. 
  11. Present with margarine, brilliant syrup, and hot cups of billy tea.

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