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Ever wondered where our bushfood goes? Meet Obelix & Co...

Cured meats, local cheeses and artisan products are lined across the oak stained benches in Obelix & Co’s Fitzroy fit-out. Built on a foundation of using locally produced and sourced meats and products, you can have a picnic that’s every Melbourne foodies dream.

Using wild meats sourced ethically from invasive animal populations, Kirsty and Lachie have been working since 2015 with alternative meat products that have a lower impact on the environment to create traditional pates and terrines.

Their Obelix & Co products like terrines and charcuterie are made in-house in their central Fitzroy store but stock Victorian cheeses, pasta, crackers, cordials & smoked fish from the Victorian Surf Coast, superb dried fruits from the Riverina and of course a great selection of native bush spices!! 

But the real magic comes from the team behind these incredible artisan products. Lachie has been a chef for more than 25 years, working in some of Melbourne’s finest restaurants. Passionate about the art of Charcuterie, Lachie uses a “nose to tail” philosophy when developing his concoctions. On the other hand you have Kirsty, who has taken on all of this knowledge and passion and instilled it in her being and as a result and she brings that passion into Obelix & Co on the daily! 

So if you’re someone who is well travelled and enjoy good food or just someone seeking alternative meat sources or sustainable practices then Obelix & Co was made for you! You’ll also spot some Melbourne Bushfood products on their shelves. We hear that the Wattleseed & Lemon Myrtle spices have been particularly popular, so head on over and check them out!