Strawberry Gum - Melbourne Bushfood
Strawberry Gum - Melbourne Bushfood
Strawberry Gum - Melbourne Bushfood

Strawberry Gum

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Strawberry Gum // Eucalyptis Olida

The Strawberry Gum is a type of Eucalyptus found in the northern parts of New South Wales. This rare, fast-growing tree was very common in Indigenous Aboriginal diets.  They would commonly take the leaves of the Strawberry Gum and chew on them for the sweet, fruity tang. The distinct fruity flavour of the Strawberry Gum can be found in many modern teas and spices. 

The leaves of the Strawberry Gum are most commonly used after they have been dried. They make a delicious addition to teas and desserts, and add a slightly acidic flavour but with fruity undertones. They make an excellent addition to any homemade jam or just sprinkled through chocolate. For anyone with an interest in creating a bushfood pantry, the Strawberry Gum is a must. 

The pungent aroma from the leaves allows the Starberry Gum to be distilled and used in essential oils and perfumes. We have created a delicious Strawberry Gum Syrup that highlights to fruity flavours of the leaves.


Harvesting: Year-round

Growing Conditions: Growing Conditions: The ideal environment for Strawberry gums in temperate climates but can also grow in subtropical. While the tree is growing, a regular light pruning is needed to maintain a canopy for a backyard situation. The plant is very hearty and it is tolerant to both frost and drought. The plant only needs occasional watering and suits a well-draining soil. This tree is very fast growing so be conscious of that when repotting or moving. 

Size: In a pot, the Strawberry Gum will grow to 2-3 meters. 



Low Watering

Full Sun

2-3 M High if potted


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Customer Reviews

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Strawberry Gum

Great little plant. Arrived in great condition.

Prompt and excellent

Very pleased with our purchase. Would buy again.

Love it

Gorgeous plant... arrived in great condition and is so pretty! Repotted into a bigger pot and can’t wait to use some of the gorgeous pink tinged leaves as soon as possible in my cooking and teas!


Hi there young internet people. I would like to report that I have potted up your plants (strawberry gum and some others a while ago) and all the ones I potted up in small terracotta pots and native potting mix are all looking really healthy- including the pig face which was lookinga bit peaky at first but has toughened up.😊
The native violet I planted out into my damp/native bed and has defoliated but when I checked the roots look ok and I think it is sending up new shoots- so I hope it will be happy eventually just going underground for the cold weather- I am doing a bit of a makeover in that area of the garden.
Haven’t really started experimenting yet with the herbs as the plants are really young and I have had to change my diet again recently for health reasons. I am a great herb lover and have been growing herbs for a long time, and am looking forward to learning more about these new flavours- I am vegetarian, gluten free and can’t eat chocolate so most of the recipes out there are not that helpful! However, I do love my food and cooking so give me time and I will move past the garden grazing phase.
Thanks for making these plants available by post, as I have been looking out for this type of thing for a long time- they have only recently started to become more a available. Keep up the good work, but you could back off on the frequency of contact. Cheers.

Growing well

Very happy with my delivery


Very happy customer service and promptness of delivery and the beautiful packaging which protected my purchase. Thank you.