Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry - Melbourne Bushfood
Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry - Melbourne Bushfood
Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry - Melbourne Bushfood

Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry

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Vegan Friendly | Sustainably Sourced | Naturally Grown

Yes, a hot hot hot addition to add that extra bang to your dishes. The Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry builds flavour portfolio in meats, cheeses, and hearty meals. What's more it blends well in salads, and will add further taste in homemade sauces and roasted vegetables.

20g or 50g

Health Benefits:

Some exceptional benefits include higher anti-oxidant properties than blueberries, which is linked to preventing or even delaying certain Cancers, Alzheimer's and Cardiovascular diseases. Each berry has been found to contain polygodial which is anti-inflammatory and helping for an imbalance of gut health.



Native to south-eastern states like Tasmania and Victoria, this shrub produces little berries that once dried, resemble pepper but with a fruitier, more berry like flavour. Both the leaves and the berries are edible, albeit spicy and delicious.


Culinary Uses:

Use in place of normal peppers, it is in fact a more fruity addition without the chemical residues of tradition peppercorns. Grind over fish, red meat, or in stews and curries, it can be brewed for a sweet & spicy Gin, or added to cocktails to add an extra flair. It can be moulded into cheese, or placed on smashed avo - it's delicious and can be used in everything.


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Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry

Historical Uses

A traditional oral medicine used by Indigenous Australians for centuries, the Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry was sourced from the dense Pepperberry bush. Native to Tasmania, The purple berries were harvested and dried. 2 to 10 metres tall, the Pepperberry bush is native to Tasmania and South-easten Australia.


Modern Uses

The aromatic leaves and berries are the most used part of the plant, but the bark is also edible. Commonly used in cheeses, red and white meats, and hearty dishes, it has been exported to Japan where it has acted as a flavouring to Wasabi. It is a great modern spice, and is up to 5 times hotter than regular pepper.


Recipe Ideas

Vegetarian Native Curry 

Spicy Mountain Pepperberry Meatballs 

Crumbed Lemon Myrtle & Pepperberry Fish

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