Desert Lime Powder - Melbourne Bushfood
Desert Lime Powder - Melbourne Bushfood
Desert Lime Powder - Melbourne Bushfood

Desert Lime Powder

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Made in Australia

Freeze Dried Desert Lime Powder


Desert Lime is a slow growing native citrus species native to the drier interior regions of Australia. Each plant produce small, fleshy fruit that have a distinctive piquant lime aroma and taste. Aboriginal Australians ate the fruit straight from the tree, and today it's commonly used in conserves, cordial, desserts, cocktails, and more. 


The freeze-dry process helps to retain up to 98% of nutrients as compared with traditional drying techniques. 



Desert Lime Mini Cheesecakes Recipe.

Finger Lime Pannacotta, Desert Lime Granita and Macadamia Crumb

Riberry and Desert Lime Frozen Yogurt

Native Lime + Bitters Cocktail



Cocktails, sorbet, sprinkle over fish, with desserts, or make your own desert lime sauce.


Nutritional Properties: 

Desert Lime has dense nutritional benefits, and is naturally high in many essential nutrients and minerals required for general well being. Of those studied, Desert Lime is rich in Vitamin C and Folate which is important in your body's production of new DNA making it particularly important for pregnancy due to its role in preventing birth defects. 

p / 100g
Lutein 1.5mg
Magnesium 94.5mg
Vitamin C 962mg
Folate 420ug
Vitamin E 3.99mg
Zinc 1.06mg
Calcium 384.2mg
Iron 4.74mg
Potassium 1287mg
Magnese 0.877mg
Copper 0.641mg

^ From 'Heath Benefits of Australian Native Foods' by the Australian Government. 

Ingredients: 100% Australian Desert Lime Powder (Freeze Dried)

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Super fast delivery and great quality product!

I ordered the desert lime powder to to try in my baking and it was delicious in my muffins! The packet is super concentrated, so it's great value