Bush Spice Collection - Melbourne Bushfood
Bush Spice Collection - Melbourne Bushfood

Bush Spice Collection

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   Native Australian ingredients are fast becoming the mainstay of Australian cuisine. Experience the flavours of Australian landscape yourself using six unique ingredients, create your own spice mixes, or use them to flavour your favourite foods.

   Included in this collection is Strawberry Gum, Pepperberry, Saltbush, Wattleseed, Pepper Leaf, and Lemon Myrtle.

A great option for people wanting to taste native ingredients, or as a gift for self proclaimed MasterChefs, family overseas, or those with a love of good food.

Strawberry Gum -
Use in: Banana bread, muffins, yogurts, smoothies, gin.
Tastes like: Fruity, berry, slight eucalypty

Pepperberry -
Use in: As regular pepper, meat rubs, curries, Indian cuisine.
Tastes like: Black pepper mixed with juniper berries

Saltbush - 
Use in: Meat rubs, sourdough, roasted vegetables, potatoes.
Tastes like: Umami, salty, mediterranean herb

Wattleseed -
Use in: Croissants, pancakes, coffee substitute, cakes, muffins, granola.
Tastes like: Hazelnut, coffee & chocolate.

Pepper Leaf -
Use in: Stews, curries, meat rubs, stir fries, roasted anything.
Tastes like: Spicy, minty, slightly eucalypty, tacos.

Lemon Myrtle -
Use in: Sprinkled over fish, baking, bread, tea, anything requiring lemon.
Tastes like: Lemon zest and lemon juice without sourness.