Mountain Pepperleaf - Melbourne Bushfood
Mountain Pepperleaf - Melbourne Bushfood
Mountain Pepperleaf - Melbourne Bushfood

Mountain Pepperleaf

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Made in Australia

Mountain Pepperleaf // Tasmannia lanceolata

Mountain Pepperleaf makes a delicious meat rub or the ideal hot spice for roasted vegetables for its warm, spicy aroma similar to basil and nutmeg, with slightly herbaceous notes. Indigenous to the temperate rainforests of southern Australia, it can be found in many national parks, although it is most commonly cultivated in Tasmania. 

Culinary Uses:

Southern style chicken, spicy curries, vegan stews, lentils, meatballs, a native chilli flake replacement.


Australian Mulled Wine (with Native Australian Ingredients)

Warrigal Greens and Mountain Pepperleaf Pakoras with a River Mint Raita dip


Nutritional Properties: 

Mountain Pepperlaf is packed with antioxidants (one of the highest of all native bushfood tested) and contains Lutein, an essential nutrient for eye health, as well as Iron. 

p / 100g
Lutein 1.6mg
Magnesium 212.1mg
Vitamin C 66.7mg
Folate 160ug
Vitamin E 59.7mg
Zinc 6.56mg
Calcium 495.1mg
Iron 11.35mg
Potassium 837mg
Magnese 9.5mg
Copper 0.621mg

^ From 'Heath Benefits of Australian Native Foods' by the Australian Government.

Ingredients: 100% Australian Grown Mountain Pepperleaf


Want to learn more about the Health Benefits, Origin, and Uses of this incredible Australian ingredient? Click here to learn more!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Replaced all ground pepper

Pepperberry leaf has a beautiful sharp flavour. I've replaced any ground pepper and use this in my veggie soups, and more recently on a pork rub.
If you love sneezing it's also really good for that when you open up the packet :)

Delicious and versatile

I love the hearty, earthy taste of pepperleaf. For those not familiar with Australian native herbs I'd probably say it's most similar to Italian herbs except with a hint of heat therefore more versatile! I've been putting it in everything - curries, soup, roasted veg, bolognaise... Delicious!

Love it

Delicious version! Drying it out is great too as it kind of reduces that bite and menthol comapred to the fresh leaf.