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  • Jilungin Dreaming Tea Tea Melbourne Bushfood
  • Jilungin Dreaming Tea Tea Melbourne Bushfood
  • Jilungin Dreaming Tea Tea Melbourne Bushfood
  • Jilungin Dreaming Tea Tea Melbourne Bushfood
  • Jilungin Dreaming Tea Tea Melbourne Bushfood
  • Jilungin Dreaming Tea Tea Melbourne Bushfood

Jilungin Dreaming Tea

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  • Gluten-free
  • Natural Ingredients
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- Traditional Owners used this "Jilungin" sleeping tea to put rowdy children to sleep so that the adults would have some peace, and who doesn't want that? This natural sleep cure is rich in antioxidants helping to solidify the intense potency that makes its sleep-improving quality catch the attention of universities across Australia.

- Jilungin will have you drifting off like nothing else before. Harvested and used by First Nations People as a powerful sleep tonic, it has improved sleep for thousands of years.

- Include leaves and stems
-100% compostable packaging


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✔️ Guaranteed to improve sleep quality

Product Info

Size: 20g
Use: 1 month per sachet (20 cups)
Temp: 100 degrees for 5 minutes
Packaging: 100% Biodegradable Packaging
Made in: Australia


Ingredients: 100% Wild Harvested Jilungin (Terminalia canescens) - includes stems and leaves.

Nutritional Information
Directions of Use

Use 1 gram per cup.
Each pouch = 20 day supply

  • Jilungin Dreaming Tea origin

  • Origin

    Nyul Nyul Country
    (Dampier Peninsula, WA)

  • Flavour

    Earthy and herbal flavour

  • Use for

    Assisting with sleep and dreaming

Harvested on country, for you

We've partnered directly with the Nyul Nyul People of Twin Lakes. To date, we've given over $16,000 in important infrastructure support work, enabling them to harvest more on Country and grow their bushfood enterprise in one of the most remote areas in Australia.

  • Used traditionally for thousands of years to promote deep sleep.

  • Sourced entirely from the Nyul Nyul People of Twin Lakes.

  • Naturally x3 higher in antioxidants when compared to Green Tea.

  • If your sleep doesn't improve after 2 weeks, we'll refund you.

Wild Harvested on Country

Jilungin is a relative of the Kakadu Plum which grows across the Kimberley Region of North-Western Australia and is revered for it's potent sleep-inducing powers which for thousands of years was used for deep, dreaming sleep.

The process begins during the dry season (March to September), where Aboriginal harvesters hand-pick the leaves and the stems, washing them, before drying them using the sun. The 'gim' (sap) is prized, and is gathered for the potent sleeping effects. The gim is found in the leaves and more strongly in the stems, so both are gathered for a stronger tonic.

After being sundried in the hot sun, the leaves and stems are packaged together inside of boxes and taken to the closest town (Broome) for road freight to Melbourne.

This is then boxed, and shipped to us, where we pack them by hand into smaller sachets. With each purchase, we provide financial support to the Nyul Nyul Community so they can expand their harvest and grow their supply.

This gives Traditional Owners the economic opportunity to harvest their unique land and cultural assets for financial gain in one of Australia's most remote regions.

Every purchase
funds this:

  • supporting remote communities

    Our partners at Twink Lakes Cultural Park is an Aboriginal-led enterprise sharing Nyul Nyul Culture with the world.

  • boosting biodiversity

    Supporting biodiversity across Melbourne, with over $60,000 given to date.

  • plants for schools

    We're giving $1,000's worth of vouchers to help get native foods into the tummies of kids in schools across Victoria.