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  • Native Mulberry Plant plant Melbourne Bushfood
  • Native Mulberry Plant plant Melbourne Bushfood
  • Native Mulberry Plant plant Melbourne Bushfood

Native Mulberry Plant

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We're unable to ship plants to WA or TAS= - sorry!
We're unable to ship
plants to WA or TAS
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Native Mulberry Plant FAQ's 🌱

Want delicious native berries in the first year? We got it!

The Native Mulberry fruit is so popular that you'll be competing with the local wildlife. The plant can be cultivated as a shrub or small tree and the fruits are small and white, almost translucent in appearance. Like strawberries, they bear their seeds on the outside. They are soft and juicy, with a sweet and delicate flavour, though like conventional mulberries.

Climate Zones: Arid, Temperate, Sub-Tropical, Tropical.

Find your climate zone here.

Pluck the fruits off when ripe.

Keep it in moist soils as it's a rainforest species. Water more during drier seasons for best results.

They appear leggy at first, but with clever pruning, you can tune Native Mulberries into a fruit bearing hedge quite easily. Capable of growing 3-8 metres, it's a welcome species to attract butterflies to grace your garden. Birds and bees equally love it.

Native Mulberry trees may be male or female.

This is a rainforest species - it will not enjoy drought hardships. The good news is it easily recovers with rainfall if you prune it down.

It doesn't appreciate frost either, we recommend protecting it

Native Mulberry tolerates most soils, provided they're well drained like most native species.

You will enjoy the white, almost clear strawberry-like fruits that will leave your taste buds craving for more. They're soft, juicy and you won't find a more delicate flavour in the wild.

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