We supply ethically and sustainably sourced native ingredients to celebrate the Australian continent, and to provide a connection to country lost far too long ago.

The story of bush food starts well over 50,000 years ago. Indigenous Australians were the first to use these plants for their powerful medicinal and nutritional properties, enabling them to survive in one of the world’s most diverse and harsh landscapes.

Yet, the diets of most Australians today are from the plants eaten in Europe and beyond. These plants have evolved to suit the European landscape. Bushfood is much better for our continent for it has evolved to grow without heavy irrigation, fertilizers, or other destructive and unsustainable agricultural methods.

We want to celebrate these plants, and help make them the staple of our diets, not the novelty on a restaurant’s side dish.

Our goals


We want to give people the choice. Fill their pantry with ethically sourced products that have helped the ecosystem thrive plus provide sustenance to themselves and their families.

"We source our products from wild-harvesters, indigenous communities and sustainable agriculturalists. Sustainable, natural, Australian - as it should be."

Each ingredient tells a story of a place, and has an immense history behind it. That's why we're also committed to working with Indigenous communities to learn, develop, and put to market their amazing ingredients. It's about reconciling the information we hid away for so long. 

That's why Melbourne Bushfood acknowledges the traditional owners of where we are based, the Wurundjeri, and acknowledge the vast knowledge, culture, and understanding of all First Nation communities across Australia. We also pay respect also to their Elders, both past and present, and of to those of other First Nation communities.

To learn more about Wurundjeri heritage, history, and culture, we recommend visiting:
Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre - Carlton, Victoria.
Koorie Heritage Trust - Federation Square, Victoria.