SHIPPING WORLD-WIDE STARTING FROM $9.95 🌼 6,000+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ REVIEWS 🌼 Due to biosecurity laws, we cannot ship plants to Western Australia or Tasmania



Our commitment to country and people doesn’t stop with sustainability and nutrition. We commit to our suppliers by purchasing exclusively from Small Farmers, Indigenous Communities, and Wild Harvesters. In doing so, we’re helping to put money into these remote communities which in turn helps to drive local economies.

By purchasing bush food, you’re helping and encouraging growers across Australia to increase the supply of native ingredients, and to consciously think about sustainable agricultural methods for now and well into the future. Added to this, with over 6,500 different native ingredients, there’s a chance that one farmer or community may help to make available delicious fruits, seeds, and nuts, not previously available on a commercial scale.

Our products are entirely sourced from sustainable farms (no corporations), helping to drive impactful growth within families, and economies. This has the added benefit that the right people get compensated, and acknowledged for their traditional and historical knowledge.

Building a sustainable industry of native ingredients, or ‘bush food’, is no east task. Accessing these products shouldn’t be limited to only 5 star restaurants and the upper echelons that are able to afford them. We’re pushing and driving accessibility of native ingredients, allowing them to be sent straight to your door without the middle man and a mark up of 200%.

It’s about driving real growth within community to procure supply so that a mutual benefit is achieved by all, and not only by those with the best means available.

Whether it’s through education, the environment, or something else, we want to build rural economies so that they’re self-sufficient and have the ability to grow as they want.