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Community Trade Kakadu Plum

Our Community Trade

This is Our Pioneering Policy in the Native Food Industry to Challenge unfair, unethical, and untransparent norms in this space.

We prioritize Aboriginal participation in our supply to build fair, and equitable relationships that gives Traditional owners the opportunity to independantely grow and empower their communities on their terms.

Discover how this policy drives real change and helps us be a force for good.

What is Community Trade?

We've created our publically-available Indigenous Procurement and Supply Policy to help suppliers gain market access and allow them to invest into social and environmental projects to improve the economic opportunities of Australia's most remote and regional areas. 

Our first Community Trade was completed this year by purchasing our Kakadu Plums directly from the Mercedes Cove Aboriginal Corporation. We pay above market rates for the plums and have signed a joint Access and Benefit Sharing Agreement so that 10% of all profits from the sale of their plums lands back into their community.

This helps drive our goal of business as a force for good, and we’re incredibly proud of it.

What is the problem?

Davidson Plums, Finger Limes, Macadamias and other commercialized native species are grown by a majority of non-Indigneous businesses. 

The Kakadu Plum, found only in regions where a majority Aboriginal population live, is an important seasonal income for thousands of Aboriginal People across northern Australia. The harvesting of the fruit is an important cultural and economic practise that drives millions of dollars in remote and regional areas.

Non-Indigenous businesses have travelled hundreds, if not thousands of kilometres to begin wild-harvesting the plums selling them at a lower price to manufacturers, whilst also exporting the trees overseas for agricultural markets and domestication challenging economic opportunities for Traditional Owners.

Source: NAAKPA

"It's an important seasonal income for thousands of Aboriginal People across northern Australia"

Protecting Indigenous Ecological Knowledge (IEK)

What can be done.

Aboriginal Australians have been harvesting and using the Kakadu Plum for thousands of years. Their rich nutritional fruit and rank as the highest natural Vitamin C wholefood has seen a surge in use in food products and pharmaceuticals making it an important economic opportunity through Traditional Owner's unique land and cultural assets. 

What we do:

To ensure we continue to suppply ethical ingredients, transparency is key. We are making sure that our product doesn't compete with Aboriginal Businesses, and that it drives economic opportunities through its sales. 

This means:
- We have paid above market rates for the Kakadu Plum;

- We have received 100% of our Kakadu Plums from the Mercedes Cove Aboriginal Corporation;

- We remit 10% of the profits of the sale of our Kakadu Plum powder and Kakadu Plum extracts directly to the Community and provide them with financial reports to confirm this.

What other businesses can do:

Supplying from businesses that compete with the economic equality of Traditional Owners must be stopped. 

Arrange Access and Benefit Sharing Agreements with Communities to ensure profits are shared equally, if purchasing directly from a Community.

Check to see where the plums for Kakadu Plum derived products come from and don't support businesses who can't validate their origins.

What the public can do:

Check to see where the plums for Kakadu Plum derived products come from and don't support businesses who can't validate their origins.

If a business claims to donate profits to a charity, check to see if there is Indigenous Engagement at the charity's senior level, and check to see how much money has actually been donated on the Australian Charity Register, click here. The results will surprise you. 

Mercedes Cove Aboriginal Corp.

Where our Kakadu Plum comes from

We first approached Pat and Dave from Mercedes Cove to purchase their Kakadu Plums in late 2020. 

Pat and David Channing have been running a successful tourist resort. As a seasonal income, the small family run enterprise have been harvesting Kakadu Plum/Gubinge at Mercedes Cove for at least 15 years. 

Mercedes Cove is located on Nyul Nyul Country in the Dampier Peninsula (just north of Broome) which was one of Australia's first land areas awarded to Traditional Owners after the Mabo Act gave Aboriginal People the right to live on and use their ancestral lands.

Traditional Owner and Nyul Nyul elder Bruno Dann of the neighbouring Nyul Nyul Community of Twin Lakes said:

" To Nyul Nyul people the plant is known as Gubinge or Kabiny, and the edible fruit are eaten raw. The seed is also edible, with an apricot-like kernel. The sap or gim is extremely popular cooked in ashes or hot sand until burnt and cracked. The bark is also boiled in bailer shells and used as a medicine for skin conditions, sores rheumatism or drunk as tea. Gubinge was traditionally used for colds & flu and to ward of sickness. It's also great for skin, used to treat sun burn and the sap can be smeared on as second skin for wounds or scarring. "

It's Traditional medicine use has been confirmed by Western science with the fruit of the Gubinge containing over 100 times higher Vitamin C levels compared to oranges, a common nutrient that is used to heal and improve skin, maintain immunity by destroying free radicals in the body, and as a common cold and flu preventative. In line with Traditional usage, our powder and extract are made with the entire fruit including the pip inside. 

The fruit we have sourced from this Community have been lab tested and are recorded to have levels of 6,500mg per 100g, making this fruit the highest known natural source of Vitamin C. It's levels are so high in fact, that one gram (about half a teaspoon) is equivalent to 130% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C as recommended by the Australian Government. 

Our Vitality Pack

100% Sourced by Nyul Nyul Communities

- 100% Plastic Free Kakadu Plum Powder
- 90% Dark Chocolate with Kakadu Plum
- Jilungin Dreaming Tea

Stay at Mercedes Cove Retreat

Mercedes Cove Retreat

Mercedes Cove Exclusive Coastal Retreat located on the National Heritage Listed Dampier Peninsula approx 180 kilometres north of Broome.

Enjoy uninterrupted views of the ocean, with your own private sandy beach to swim and fish from, or just watch the sun set behind ancient Chimney rocks.

Experience Mercedes Cove with just your partner or with family and friends. With only minimal guest at any one time you can be assured of that stress free escape.

By staying with Pat and Dave, you'll be supporting Aboriginal People in regional areas and if you're lucky, you might even be able to try some Gubinge!