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  • Nyul Nyul Country

Our belief:

We believe that native foods give Aboriginal People the option to harness their unique cultural and land assets for economic opportunities in remote areas.

We're on a social mission to support Traditional Custodians through direct collaboration and partnership, to provide opportunity without the need to leave their Country.

We know we won't fix everything, but we want to do something.


  • $120,460 Spent with First Nation Enterprises

  • $70,460 Donated to native plant revegetation projets

  • $15,460 Donated to support First Nation Communities

  • $5,460 Native plant grant for schools


Infrastructure on Nyul Nyul Country

We spent over $15,500 on purchasing solar batteries for Traditional Owner and Nyul Nyul Elder, Bruno Dann to give access to electricity, increase harvest abilities, and improve accessibility.

This is critical for their ability to grow and continue to be able to supply their harvests for everyone.

People of Maningrida, Arnhem Land

We've raised $9,689 for Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation to fund training and cultural exchange for Aboriginal People in Maningrida. 

Our syrup collaboration celebrated local traditional fruits, assisted with the sale of their harvest, and helped raise awareness for the diverse foods of Arnhem Land.

Biodiversity for the Westgate

The COVID-19 pandemic nearly brought this local conservation park to an end. 

We gave over $70,000 to the organisation to see this popular community site and biodiversity hotspot continue even without council support. 

Community Plant Grant

Community engagement with native foods is critical. With access often being the biggest barrier, we launched our Community Plant Grant in 2021 to give $250 worth of plants each month to a community organisation. This has included Aboriginal support organisations like CoHealth and Mullum Creations, as well as schools, garden groups and more.

Total: since September 2021

$4,250 donated

In Addition:

  • 4 Chefs in 4 Weeks

    This collaboration saw the convergence of 4 leading and upcoming pastry chefs across Melbourne feature a native ingredient in their work for one weekend.

    In total, over 2,000 products were sold alongside our products, where 100% of the sales of our condiments were given to Twin Lakes Mob, and some of the participants donated a portion of their sales to assist with the infrastructure work.

    Total donated: $1,201.20

  • Sustainability

    Plastic pollution alters Australia’s natural landscapes and waterways, directly affecting millions of people's livelihoods, food production capabilities, and social well-being.

    Since day one in 2019, we've looked for sustainable and compostable packaging, if you see some plastic for our chocolates, spices, or teas, it's actually 100% home-compostable.

    No secret plastic layer on top of boxes or labels, 100% of our food range is plastic-free! By doing so, our food print is heavily reduced and the future of our land is preserved. + all deliveries are carbon free.

Impact answered

Find the most frequently asked questions below.

We’re not a First Nations business but work alongside many enterprises in this space.

We're on a social mission to put Aussie natives into bellies across the world whilst supporting our First Nations and Small Aussie Farmer allies.

Yes we do! Apart from sourcing directly from Communities, we also directly employ First Nations People on our team.

This is a great question. We're actually engaged with research at the moment in securing native food IPs with Traditional Owners. We believe in keeping the native food industry within Australia and are seeing large plantations of Finger Limes becoming common overseas. To prevent this, we've begun looking into ways to domesticate some species with Traditional Owners within Western law.

something missing?

We're always looking to improve our transparency and increase our impact. If there's something missing here, or if you have any feedback, please let us know!