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Superfoods have become the word in recent years, with ingredients like Quinoa, Kale, and Green Tea being pumped into peoples shopping carts to harness their nutritional benefits.


Yet, what most aren’t aware of is that Australia’s native ingredients are densely packed with nutrients which have been studied by some top universities for both their medicinal and health boosting properties. Most diets today in Australia are completely void of any native ingredients, and it’s this health bonus, medicinal bonus, and connection to country that make Australia’s native flora such an asset.


Each ingredient is conveniently dried, and ground into a powder to make it as easy as possible to use. Whether it’s on your morning smoothie, to sprinkle over some fish, or as a calming tea at the end of a day, they’re made convenient to use and have long shelf life of over a year.


Some of the most famous ingredients include: Kakadu Plum (the highest known vitamin C content of any plant), Wattleseed (Lab tested at 31% protein), Pepperberry (3 times the antioxidants as a blueberry), Sandalwood Nut (41% fibre).


To learn how to incorporate these incredible natives into your diet, please check out our recipes by clicking here.