Aniseed Myrtle - Melbourne Bushfood
Aniseed Myrtle - Melbourne Bushfood
Aniseed Myrtle - Melbourne Bushfood
Aniseed Myrtle - Melbourne Bushfood

Aniseed Myrtle

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Made in Australia

Aniseed Myrtle // Syzygium anisatum

The similar smells and flavours we're used to can be easily found within our native flora. A rare native rainforest species, Aniseed Myrtle imparts an aniseed flavour reminiscent of liquorice in cooking, baking, and desserts. Aboriginal Australians used Aniseed Myrtle as a traditional medicine on cuts, wounds, and in cooking for its powerful liquorice flavour.

The natural essential oil found within the leaf is what gives the sweet flavour. When cooking with Aniseed Myrtle, it is recommended that you use the herb in the last 10 minutes to avoid diluting the essential oil, and thus the flavour. 

Culinary Uses:

Sprinkle in a hearty stew, vegetarian curry, gingerbread, white meat. 


Vegetarian Native Curry

Spicy Mountain Pepperberry Meatballs

Vegetarian Native Curry

Australian Mulled Wine (with Native Australian Ingredients)


Nutritional Properties: 

Containing anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, it is dense with antioxidants and is rich in important nutrients such as folate, magnesium, and Vitamin E.

p / 100g
Lutein 20.9mg
Magnesium 242.7mg
Vitamin C 66.7mg
Folate 100ug
Vitamin E 17.6mg
Zinc 1.4mg
Calcium 261mg
Iron 5.86mg
Potassium 773.3mg
Magnese 9.5mg
Copper 0.367mg

^ From 'Heath Benefits of Australian Native Foods' by the Australian Government.

Ingredients: 100% Australian Grown Aniseed Myrtle

For a full and detailed list of Aniseed Myrtle's Health Benefits, Origin, and Uses, click here to learn more!

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