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Bush Spice Collection

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Made in Australia
   Native Australian ingredients are fast becoming the mainstay of Australian cuisine. Experience the flavours of Australian landscape yourself using six unique ingredients, create your own spice mixes, or use them to flavour your favourite foods.

   Included in this collection is Cinnamon Myrtle, Saltbush, Pepperberry, Lemon Myrtle, River Mint, Pepperleaf, Wattleseed, Strawberry Gum and Aniseed Myrtle.

A great option for people wanting to taste native ingredients, or as a gift for self proclaimed MasterChefs, family overseas, or those with a love of good food.

In the rare instance that any of the listed ingredients are out of stock, we will replace them with another ingredient of similar or greater value that is not currently in this collection:

Aniseed Myrtle - 
Use in: Gingerbread, syrup, icecream, sauces, bread.
Tastes like: Licquorice/Aniseed aroma and taste.

Australian Mulled Wine (with Native Australian Ingredients

Aniseed Myrtle Recipe

Spicy Mountain Pepperberry Meatballs

Cinnamon Myrtle 
Use in: Curry, stews, roasts, pies, biscuits.
Tastes like: Cinnamon fragrance, aromatic earthy, herbal tones.


Cinnamon Myrtle

River Mint - (Small size is 12g, Large Size is 30g)
Use in: Couscous, sauces, cakes, dips, cocktails.
Tastes like: Powerful spearmint-like flavour.


Vegan River Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Strawberry Gum - (Small size is 15g) - Out of stock, will be replaced with 20g of Bush Tomato
Use in: Banana bread, muffins, yogurts, smoothies, gin.
Tastes like: Fruity, berry, slight eucalypty

Recipe : 

Strawberry Gum Crème Brûlée

Pepperberry -
Use in: As regular pepper, meat rubs, curries, Indian cuisine.
Tastes like: Black pepper mixed with juniper berries


Australian Steak with Pepperberry

Spicy Mountain Pepperberry Meatballs

Saltbush - 
Use in: Meat rubs, sourdough, roasted vegetables, potatoes.
Tastes like: Umami, salty, mediterranean herb

Wattleseed -
Use in: Croissants, pancakes, coffee substitute, cakes, muffins, granola.
Tastes like: Hazelnut, coffee & chocolate.


No-waste Wattleseed Icecream

Vegetarian Native Curry

Vegetarian Native Curry


Pepper Leaf -

Use in: Stews, curries, meat rubs, stir fries, roasted anything.
Tastes like: Spicy, minty, slightly eucalypty, tacos.


Australian Mulled Wine (with Native Australian Ingredients)


Lemon Myrtle -
Use in: Sprinkled over fish, baking, bread, tea, anything requiring lemon.
Tastes like: Lemon zest and lemon juice without sourness.


Crumbed Fish with Lemon Myrtle and Pepperberry

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Customer Reviews

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Great flavours perfect for gifts or yourself

Amazing flavours


Had a little trouble with the delivery but sorted out quickly, happy with the product. Hamper given as a gift and happily received

A Gift On So Many Levels

I purchased a number of collections and individual spices from Melbourne Bushfood in recent months. My discovery of this productive and sustainable company has been my “Eureka moment” for 2020.
Having purchased a spice collection, a hamper of products and also a range of different spices I am impressed by the quality, packaging and sense of community shown by Melbourne Bushfood.
Some of my purchases were gifts for others and some we have enthusiastically used ourselves.
When you buy from this company, you are purchasing valuable, practical and sustainable products. You are also providing Melbourne Bushfood with the resources to support indigenous plant nursery growth and youth support. By using your spices, you are also using and sharing sustainably grown , lovingly produced products which you are able to share, through your cooking and preparation, with friends and family. This wonderful chain of giving and receiving should be the new way forward for the future: buying such beautifully created products which continue to give to others.
Thanks Melbourne Bushfood. Looking forward to watching your progress and supporting you in 2021!


great packaging and have added to my cooking and they are fantastic thankyou


Can't wait to cook with all these beautiful spices. :)