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  • Davidson Plum (Ooray Plum) Plant
  • Davidson Plum (Ooray Plum) Plant
  • Davidson Plum Plant plant Melbourne Bushfood
  • Davidson Plum Plant plant Melbourne Bushfood
  • Davidson Plum Plant plant Melbourne Bushfood
  • Davidson Plum Plant plant Melbourne Bushfood

Davidson Plum (Ooray Plum) Plant

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    We're unable to ship plants to WA or TAS= - sorry!
    We're unable to ship
    plants to WA or TAS
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    Davidson Plum (Ooray Plum) Plant FAQ's 🌱

    Also known as Ooray or Queensland Davidson's plum, it is a medium-sized rainforest tree of northern Queensland, Australia. ⁠

    An endangered rainforest species with large fleshy plums with two seeds inside. They are great for making cordials or jams and are great for desserts. Flavour: Sour, tart, like sour berries.⁠

    It grows up to 10m high and 2-3m wide in maturity. Producing a dark burgundy fruit that is sour but edible, you’ll find them growing in clusters along the stem.

    Find your climate zone here.

    Ensure to give them adequate water, if you don’t get enough rainfall in your neck of the woods.

    Davidson plum grows comfortably in a wide range of soils but prefers full sun position over semi-shade.

    There're not frost tolerant.

    If you grow in pots, use Osmocote premium potting mix and low phosphorus Native Fertilizer.

    Protect your Davidson Plum baby tree from strong winds, and expect it to bloom in Spring and some fruit soon after.

    If you have a full- sun window, Davidson Plum is a fantastic choice for you. Let’s get to how you can take care of your plant.

    The new growth is red, and it has huge compound leaves. The fruit has a high antioxidant content and can be used to make jams and jellies, as well as sweet and savory sauces.

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