Davidson Plum Powder - Melbourne Bushfood
Davidson Plum Powder - Melbourne Bushfood
Davidson Plum Powder - Melbourne Bushfood

Davidson Plum Powder

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Davidson Plum Powder

A unique native tropical fruit, Davidson Plum is endemic to the Eastern coast where it grows plum-sized fruit along its trunk. Offering an exceptional tart, sour flavour, it gives a unique culinary experience when used as a flavouring in cocktails, sorbets, or as a sweet glaze for pork.

Skillfully harvested by hand, this powder is handmade using dried Davidson Plum fruit that is grown organically in North-Eastern New South Wales. 

Mix with: 

Cocktails, fresh juice, yogurt, and smoothies.


Great as a meat glaze, sorbet, yogurts, jams, desserts.

Nutritional Properties: 

A rich source of Vitamin C, Davidson Plum has a 1.5 times higher antioxidant capacity that the common blueberry, and is rich in minerals and vitamins needed for good health. It also is high in Magnese, a mineral which is required for biological processes such as macronutrient metabolism and bone formation.

p / 100g
Lutein 1.4mg
Magnesium 1.38mg
Vitamin C 830mg
Folate 34ug
Vitamin E 1.16mg
Zinc 0.42mg
Calcium 193.55mg
Iron 1.24mg
Potassium 1465mg
Magnese 19.55mg
Copper 0.638mg

^ From 'Heath Benefits of Australian Native Foods' by the Australian Government (excluding Vitamin C content)


Ingredients: 100% Australian Davidson Plum Powder

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Delicious Davidson plum powder 👌