Desert Lime Tree - Melbourne Bushfood
Desert Lime Tree - Melbourne Bushfood
Desert Lime Tree - Melbourne Bushfood

Desert Lime Tree

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Desert Lime are a rare, native citrus species that produces sweet, piquant lime flavoured fruit which are slightly bitter, and are yellow when fully ripe. They grow in the arid interior grasslands of Australia and have been eaten by Indigenous Australians for their nutritious fruit which appear during the summer time.

Each plant is aged 2-3 years old, between 25cm and 50cm. Let the plant adjust for at least a week in a sheltered spot before planting. 

These trees are grafted onto a troyer citrus rootstock.

For wholesale and bulk inquiries, please contact us here.

Please contact us for more than 10 plants. 

We ship Desert Lime seperately to other products ordered at no additional cost.

Pots: Use a commercial potting mix and avoid excessive use of animal manure and commercial organic fertilizers - they are hardy and grow excellent in pots.

Harvesting: The tree will begin properly producing fruit at 3-4 years old. They have a short 10-12 week flowering in the spring, followed by green fruits which turn yellow when ripe.

Growing Conditions: Dig a hole 2 to 3 times the size of the Desert Lime Tube. Break up the soil in the base of the planting hole and mix in compost and slow release fertilizer. Lower the tree into the planting hole ensuring the soil level of the plant is the same level of the soil prior to excavation. Water well with a solution of seaweed or other soil conditioners.

Position: Plant in a full-sun position.

Maintenance: Fertilize in spring and summer with a general citrus fertilizer. Folio feed is also recommended.

Size: 2 metres (average) - can be kept shorter in pots with regular pruning.



Moderate Water

Full Sun

2 M High

Not Available to WA, TAS & NT addresses - We ship our plants via Australia Post. Please note, we take care in packaging your plants, but we do not take responsibility if your parcel is delayed. 

Delivery: Starting at $15 for one plant

24hr Refund Policy - Plants are sometimes not so happy when they arrive, we'd be more than happy to assist if you have any issues with your plants. We have a strict 24 hour refund policy, so if one of your plants arrives in the mail and something's not right, please email a photo within 24 hours of it's delivery. We cannot accept requests for refunds or replacements after this.

For refunds, please contact us using and we'll get back to you within 1 business day. 

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Desert lime

Un arbre beau et sain et une équipe adorable à vous aider.