Finger Lime Tree 2-3 Years - Melbourne Bushfood
Finger Lime Tree 2-3 Years - Melbourne Bushfood
Finger Lime Tree 2-3 Years - Melbourne Bushfood
Finger Lime Tree 2-3 Years - Melbourne Bushfood
Finger Lime Tree 2-3 Years - Melbourne Bushfood
Finger Lime Tree 2-3 Years - Melbourne Bushfood
Finger Lime Tree 2-3 Years - Melbourne Bushfood
Finger Lime Tree 2-3 Years - Melbourne Bushfood
Finger Lime Tree 2-3 Years - Melbourne Bushfood
Finger Lime Tree 2-3 Years - Melbourne Bushfood

Finger Lime Tree 2-3 Years

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Finger Limes are a native citrus species which produces long, finger-shaped fruit which resembles caviar. A hardy citrus species, they're able to grow in a range of climates depending on your region. Beautiful in pots as an attractive citrus for inner-city balconies, or perfect for the suburban backyard.

Used by Aboriginal Australians for thousands of years, it has now become one of the most renown bush food items served in restaurants around the world. 

Our Varieties are;

Crimson Tide
Crimson Tide is a variety with very low availability. The long and narrow shaped fruit is almost seedless with attractively red coloured caviar. It’s a slow-growing, thorny and bushy tree, It’s growth is of the lowest vigour of all finger limes varieties. Small leaves and long thorns are very similar to seedling grown plants. Crimson Tide produces a medium-size crop.
Emma has pink caviar in the long, skinny shaped fruit with a mild citrus flavour. This is an excellent variety that has a regular and heavy fruit set. The tree is of medium vigour and it likes growing in the pot. The canopy is very dense and lush resembling a ‘weeping willow’ look.
Little Beauty
Very decorative tree with different colour fruit from black to red - all growing at the same time. The fruit is almost seedless, and the caviar has a mild taste. It has a well developed and upright canopy. This is a late-ripening variety with regular fruit set.
Green Orb
Green Orb is a round finger lime fruit that resembles a traditional lime with its green colour and clear caviar. It has a mild lemon taste with characteristic finger lime aroma. The plant is of medium vigour with well-developed canopy and regular fruit set.
Rosa Ice - SOLD OUT Rosa Ice produces great quality fruit of uniform size with a mild citrus taste. The tree is of medium vigour with a relatively light canopy density. The fruit ripens quite late in the season.
Wauchope - SOLD OUT

Wauchope is the tallest finger lime variety with long upright branches. The canopy is vigorous but the density is on the lighter side. The caviar taste is mild and with a subtle lemon flavour.

New Yellow New Yellow is heavy cropping variety, with mild lemon taste and characteristic finger lime aroma.  This variety has an open canopy with regular fruit set.
Red Champagne Red Champagne is the most popular variety of finger lime. With a mild and subtle taste, it’s eating quality are quite versatile and it can also be eaten fresh. Cooler climate will bring more color to the fruit. The plant is of medium vigor and with a well developed dense canopy. This variety has a regular fruit set with a long fruiting season.The crop will be smaller during winter months. Red Champagne fruit has one of the longest shelf life of all finger lime varieties.
Red Ruby Red Ruby is an excellent variety with medium sized round fruit and a regular fruit set. It produces heavy crop each season. The taste is mild with a subtle citrus flavour. Cooler climates will also bring more colour to the fruit. It is a tall and vigorous plant with a fairly light canopy.


Each plant is aged 2-3 years old, between 50cm and 70cm. Let the plant adjust for at least a week in a sheltered spot before planting. 

For wholesale and bulk inquiries, please contact us here.

Please contact us for more than 10 plants. 

Great Question.

Commonly grown from seed or from cuttings, Finger Lime trees can take up to 10-12 years to get fruit. The quality of a cutting-grown tree is also much lower than a grafted one with them being in a constant 'near-death' state, reducing their life-span and the quality of the tree.

We hand-graft all of our trees onto selectively picked citrus rootstock. This makes our plants more tolerant to diseases that commonly effect cheaper cutting and seed grown plants, and means that our trees can withstand varied temperatures between -7 degrees all the way up to the humid temperature of the north.

We focus on producing superior plants that are disease-resistant, and give you the best opportunity to have a plant that will last for life, and with fruit within 3-4 years of age.

Pots: Use a commercial potting mix and avoid excessive use of animal manure and commercial organic fertilizers - this may cause root burn and potential root disease.


Harvesting: The tree will begin properly producing fruit at 3-4 years old. They tend to fruit between late March to May.


Growing Conditions: Finger Limes prefer a well drained soil with a PH of 6.5 to 7.5 Dig a hole 2 to 3 times the size of the Finger Lime pot. Break up the soil in the base of the planting hole and mix in compost and slow release fertilizer. Slit both sides of the bag and do not disturb the roots when removing the bag. Lower the tree into the planting hole ensuring the soil level of the plant is the same level of the soil prior to excavation. Water well with a solution of seaweed or other soil conditioners. 

Position: Finger lime prefer a semi-shaded position.

Maintenance: Fertilize in spring and summer with a general citrus fertilizer. Folio feed is also recommended. Finger Limes are susceptible to scale and sooty mould. Use a neem oil to control if this occurs.

Size: 2 metres (average) - can be kept shorter in pots with regular pruning.


Moderate Water


2 M High

Not Available to WA, TAS & NT addresses - We ship our plants via Australia Post. Please note, we take care in packaging your plants, but we do not take responsibility if your parcel is delayed.

Delivery: Starting at $15 for one plant


24hr Refund Policy - Plants are sometimes not so happy when they arrive, we'd be more than happy to assist if you have any issues with your plants. We have a strict 24 hour refund policy, so if one of your plants arrives in the mail and something's not right, please email a photo within 24 hours of it's delivery. We cannot accept requests for refunds or replacements after this.

For refunds, please contact us using and we'll get back to you within 1 business day. 

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Excited to see

Received my plant, slightly smaller then I thought for the 2-3 years but that’s my fault, very healthy, green plaint, really well packaged and the soil was still damp when it arrived. I hope it continues to look this healthy now it’s in a pot. Still early days but so far so great!

Finger Lime Tree 2-3 Years

Very healthy plants received very quickly. Lots of questions answered by phone. Thanks very much.

healthy tree (Emma), fast delivery

The tree I received appeared healthy and seems to have survived the transplanting into a large pot. Can't yet confirm if there will be any issues, but so far so good. I look forward to a beautiful plant with lots of fruit in future years. Note that the plant was sent by post and the box I received was very damaged. Luckily my plant survived, but I could easily see situations when it would not survive the trip (and end up broken or damaged).