"The service was fantastic. I was kept up to date on delivery and the plant arrived well packaged and in excellent, healthy condition two days earlier than predicted (I live in remote Qld) Thanks for the great service!" 

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Finger Lime Tree 2-3 Years - Melbourne Bushfood

Size & Care

Moderate Water

Full Sun / Part Shade

2-3 Wide

Size: 2-3m

Description - Andense native shrub / small tree that produces many small, finger-shaped fruit.

Foliage - Small oval-shaped leaves with some thorns growing along the stems

Flowers - White/purple flowers that bloom at different times depending on the variety

Cultivation - Endemic to northern NSW, most cultivation is in the subtropical region. Cultivation however has extended as far south as Victoria, with grafted varieties able to tolerate cold conditions like that of Melbourne. It is a terrific and hardy pot plant.

Uses - Some varieties produce multiple sets of fruit per year. The pulp can be made into conserves, while the skin can be dehydrated to be used as a citrus spice to sprinkle over fish.


Wauchope - BACK IN STOCK

Wauchope is the tallest finger lime variety with long upright branches. The canopy is vigorous but the density is on the lighter side. The caviar taste is mild and with a subtle lemon flavour.

Rosa Ice

Rosa Ice is one of the tastiest and fastest growing variety of Finger Limes. It produces great quality fruit of uniform size with a mild citrus taste. The tree is a medium vigour with a relatively light canopy density. The fruit ripens quite late in the season.

Pink Ice

Pink Ice is great commercial variety with large fruit and regular fruit set. Cooler climate will bring more colour to the fruit. The taste is mild and slightly bitter, with a grapefruit finish. It goes well in cocktails and clear alcoholic drinks such as gin. The plant is of medium vigour with open type of canopy.

Green Orb 

Green Orb is a round finger lime fruit that resembles a traditional lime with it’s green colour and clear caviar. It has a mild lemon taste with characteristic finger lime aroma. The plant is of medium vigour with well developed canopy and regular fruit set.

New Yellow

New Yellow is heavy cropping variety, with mild lemon taste and characteristic finger lime aroma. This variety has an open canopy with regular fruit set.

Red Champagne - Almost sold out

Red Champagne is the most popular variety of finger lime. With a mild and subtle taste, it’s eating quality are quite versatile and it can also be eaten fresh. Cooler climate will bring more color to the fruit. The plant is of medium vigor and with a well developed dense canopy. This variety has a regular fruit set with a long fruiting season. The crop will be smaller during winter months. Red Champagne fruit has one of the longest shelf life of all finger lime varieties.

Little Beauty - SOLD OUT

Very decorative tree with different colour fruit from black to red - all growing the same time. The fruit is almost seedless and the caviar has a mild taste. It has a well developed and upright canopy. This is a late ripening variety with a regular fruit set

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Can this grow in pots?

Yes! They're great pot plants and are well suited to growing on balconies (we have two on our balcony!)

Where is this plant indigenous to? 

Subtropical Australia.

What soil should I use? 

For all of our plants, we recommend using Osmocote Premium Potting Mix (orange bag) or equivalent. Any soil without fillers or added fertilizers can work too. 

What fertilizer should I use? 

Use Osmocote Citrus Fertilizer

Can you ship it to me?

We ship everywhere in Australiaexcept WA, TAS, SA and the NT. For other countries, please check local quarantine laws for more information.

I'm buying for a school, how do I order?

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Citrus australasica

"The service was fantastic. I was kept up to date on delivery and the plant arrived well packaged and in excellent, healthy condition two days earlier than predicted (I live in remote Qld) Thanks for the great service!" - Kristine

Moderate Water

Full Sun / Part Shade

2-3m Tall

Finger Limes are a native citrus species which produces long, finger-shaped fruit which resembles caviar. 

A hardy citrus species, they're able to grow in a range of climates depending on your region. Beautiful in pots as an attractive citrus for inner city balconies, or perfect for the suburban backyard.

Used by Aboriginal Australians for thousands of years, it has now become one of the most renown bush food items served in restaurants around the world. 


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How to Grow

Native Australian Finger Limes are a fantastic suburban addition that produce kilos of fresh, fragrant citrus caviar that can be scooped atop of fresh oysters, over sorbet or icecream, or used to dance in the bubbles of a Gin and Tonic. 

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