Jilungin Dreaming Tea - Melbourne Bushfood
Jilungin Dreaming Tea - Melbourne Bushfood
Jilungin Dreaming Tea - Melbourne Bushfood

Jilungin Dreaming Tea

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Jilungin Dreaming Tea //Terminalia canescens


Jilungin is the traditional Nyul Nyul word for this tea which has been used for thousands of years, and continues to be used, by the Nyul Nyul people of The Kimberely to trigger deep sleep. Traditional Owner and Nyul Nyul Elder, Bruno Dann describes Jilungin as "a very relaxing tea we usually have before we go to bed at night for a lovely deep sleep. We call it the dreaming tea".


Each leaf is traditionally harvested on Nyul Nyul country by Indigenous Australians with both the leaves and stems picked. 

We're committed to supplying sustainably and ethically sourced native ingredients to help support rural and remote communities across the country. 


Ingredients: 100% Wild-Harvested Jilungin Tea Leaves





Health benefits: Traditionally used as a tea which induces sleep, the University of Queensland has identified that Jilungin contains more antioxidants than the more commonly drinken green tea. Antioxidants are important in neutralizing free radicals in the body, helping to prevent damage to cells and tissues.


 Use: 0.5 gram (10 leaves/stems) per glass. Brew for 4-7 minutes. 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great sleep . No restlessness

I tried it for the first time yesterday. Great deep night sleep. Went straight to sleep when I normally toss and turn plus only got up during the night once . Love it

Lovely flavour and works!

The tea has a lovely delicate flavour and seems to work in making me sleepy and sleeping deeply!

Slept like a log

Usually I need to take a bunch of pharmaceuticals to be able to have some sort of a restful sleep. I've been having a cup of this before bed and I'm asleep within half an hour and sleep all night!


Certainly a different tea. The smell is not inviting but it tastes ok and on the times I have drunk it I have had a much better sleep. I would recommend it for a better sleep

Great service, fast delivery!

I’m very happy with the service and the product. Love what you guys do 💕