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Kakadu Plum (Gubinge) Powder

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Freeze Dried Kakadu Plum Powder (Gubinge)


Kakadu Plum (Gubinge) is a powerful Australian native powerhouse containing the world's highest vitamin C of any fruit. Well understood to contain 100 times the vitamin c of an organe, Kakadu Plum has been used for thousands of years by Aboriginal peoples as a nutritious food and traditional medicine. 


Our plums come from the Kimberely region, one of the most remote areas of Australia. Each plum is wild-harvested and is freeze-dried to preserve the nutrients, and then ground into a powder for easy use.


Mix with: protein shakes, fresh juice, and smoothies.

Cook: Great in baking, sweet chilli sauce, truffles, or sprinkled over fish and chicken.

Ingredients: 100% Wild Harvested Gubinge (Kakadu Plum Powder)

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