Murnong / Yam Daisy - Melbourne Bushfood
Murnong / Yam Daisy - Melbourne Bushfood
Murnong / Yam Daisy - Melbourne Bushfood
Murnong / Yam Daisy - Melbourne Bushfood
Murnong / Yam Daisy - Melbourne Bushfood

Murnong / Yam Daisy

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Murnong / Yam Daisy Plant // Microseris lanceolata

Murnong (Yam Daisy) is a native yam which has a distinct nutty-taste when roasted. Very easy to grow, producing beautiful, yellow flowers. A staple food source for many Aboriginal communities across southern Australia, it was almost made extinct through the introduction of grazing. Once very prevalent across Victoria, it is now endangered and can sometimes be found in secluded woodlands.


 Harvesting: Harvest during Autumn when flowering. Don't harvest all the plants so that you can save the seeds and grow more. 

Growing Conditions: For best results, plant in loamy, rich soil. Make sure to water well and grow in sunny positions. Can be grown well in deep pots on balconies.

Size: Small



Well Watered

Full Sun

30 - 50 CM High


AVAILABLE VIC/NSW/QLD/ACT ONLY - We ship our plants via Express Post on Mondays to prevent them from being kept over the weekend. If you've ordered other products, they will be delivered together. Please note, we take care in packaging your plants, but we do not take responsibility if your parcel is delayed

Delivery: Starting at $15 for one plant.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
My murnongs are delicious!

I received three murnongs in the post from you and they have been thriving! I already had three others and collected the seeds of my six plants. I planted them in March and April and now have 70+ baby murnongs growing. So huge success, I hope one day to plant murnong seedlings in parks and reserves here in Canberra and help with the plant's resurgence.
I have been able to harvest some of the tubers, also, and while they are small, they were delicious and easy to cook (I roasted them in a hot oven for five minutes.)
Thank you so much!

Simply the best

Plants arrived nice and healthy

Free fingerlimes

Based on emails sent to me from you I assumed I would get free fingerlimes with my last order. However that did not happen.

Yam Daisy

Arrived safely. A bit surprised they were sent on a Friday as it said on the website they would be dispatched on a Monday to avoid the over weekend lag for them. All good now. They are all freshened up and even putting out a couple of flower buds. Ready to pot them on into a small pot. Looking forward to seeing them thrive. Cheers. Keep doing what you are doing. Shirley

Yam Daisy

The 2 plants arrived in good condition and they are growing well with a few flowers at present. Can’t wait to taste a yam !

Happy & healthy plant

My murnong arrived quickly & was in good condition. I’m looking forward to watching it grow. The one downside - my cat keeps eating it 😁