Native Oregano plant Melbourne Bushfood
Native Oregano plant Melbourne Bushfood
Native Oregano - Melbourne Bushfood
Native Oregano - Melbourne Bushfood
Native Oregano - Melbourne Bushfood

Native Oregano

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Native Oregano // Prostanthera rotundifolia

Native Oregano or Round Leaf Mint is a small shrub indigenous to the temperate, southern regions of Australia. Used in either dried or fresh form, it has a less sweet flavour but a much earthier tone. These flavours make an amazing addition to any meat dish, particularly chicken, red meat or fish.  

Native Oregano prefers part shade but can cope with some full sun and tolerates light frost.  Enjoy dark green foliage all year with a pink flower through September and October. 

Typically, Native Oregano flowers in early spring, with lots of small, bright pink/purple flowers that become a haven for bees. A part of the mint family, the leaves can be used as a powerful herb to flavour lamb or meat, or other hearty meals.

Harvesting: Year-round

Growing Conditions: Native Oregano is well suited to a potted life, playing a similar role to a rosemary shrub. Native Oregano can grow large and prefers a sheltered, and well-draining position. If over-watered, it may receive root-rot. It is described as fast-growing shrub and can be harvested in the first year - annual pruning encourages new growth. 

Size: A small shrub/tree, it can grow up to 2-3 metres in height.


Moderate Water

Full Sun

2-3 M High


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Arrived in great, healthy condition, looking forward to it growing so we can eat it!

Josh P.
Smells great

Arrived safe and sound. Looking forward to the future growth.