Native Raspberry plant Melbourne Bushfood
Native Raspberry plant Melbourne Bushfood
Native Raspberry - Melbourne Bushfood
Native Raspberry - Melbourne Bushfood
Native Raspberry - Melbourne Bushfood
Native Raspberry - Melbourne Bushfood

Native Raspberry

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Native Raspberry // Rubus parvifolius


Australia's Native Raspberries cover almost the entirety of the country. There are 8 different species. Each shrub produces sweet, deep red fruits with a pleasant flavour. They can be used in jams, eaten raw, or used as you would regular raspberries.

Harvesting: A Dec-April harvest of 1-2cm fruit.

Growing Conditions: As a thorny shrub, native raspberries are as invasive in your garden as blackberries and other species of raspberries. Therefore, it's best planted in pots or in a garden bed. For more information on growing conditions, click here.

Size: Becoming a thorny shrub like similar species, it can reach sizes of 2m and be covered in sharp thorns which can penetrate your skin. Be mindful if you have children or pets. 



Moderate Water

Full Sun

2 M High

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Customer Reviews

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Helen S.

Still alive!! Should take off in the Spring.

Deborah M.
Love my Raspberry plant

My native raspberry turned up and it was teeny weeny. So I planted it, watered it and kept a close eye on it. Its 2 little leaves fell off so I was worried but then it grew a whole new batch of leaves. Can't wait to get the fruit!

Katherine W.
Great service and plants

Excellent, would buy again

Sharyn A.
Native raspberry gem

Beautiful little gem. I look forward to watching you grow 😊

Jeanette K.
Native raspberry, wow!

Received my plant in good order and well supported in it’s travel box, yeah👍. Excellent planting instructions and care guide. Now the fun begins waiting for it to grow and produce some yummy fruit😋.

Lisa Y.
Native raspberry

I’m looking forward to my first raspberries.