River Mint - Melbourne Bushfood
River Mint - Melbourne Bushfood
River Mint - Melbourne Bushfood
River Mint - Melbourne Bushfood
River Mint - Melbourne Bushfood

River Mint

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Made in Australia

River Mint // Metha australis

River Mint is the Australian mint. With a powerful spearmint like flavour, each leaf comes dried making it ideal for tea infusions, or for souvlaki/Middle-Eastern styled recipes. It's an outstanding addition in desserts, and can be used as a healthy flavouring in tarts, cheesecakes, or even ice-cream!

Each leaf is handpicked and requires 1kg of fresh leaves to produce one 50g bag. River Mint has also been used traditionally as a herbal medicine by Indigenous communities. Boil in hot water to help ease the symptoms of coughs and colds, and to assist digestive function

River Mint has a similar flavour to spearmint and peppermint. It is commonly used in Middle-Eastern styled dishes, as well as in desserts. Great uses include:

  • Persian styled stew (Khoresh)
  • Cheesecakes
  • Mint Ice-creams
  • Basil/River Mint Pesto

Most commonly however, River Mint is used as a herbal tea to provide benefits and flavour on a cold, winters day.


Vegan River Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

River Mint and Finger Lime Icy Poles

Vegan River Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Warrigal Greens and Mountain Pepperleaf Pakoras with a River Mint Raita dip


Health Properties:

As with all mint species, River Mint has been identified as a powerful herbal medicine thought to help improve general wellbeing. Some of the fascinating properties include:

  • Carminative properties which help to ease the stomach, and to relieve esophageal pressure and heartburn.
  • Natural anti-septic
  • Fever reduction and may help to relieve congestion of the common cold.

River Mint has a lot more to it that that, click here to learn more about this incredible Australian native ingredient.

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Customer Reviews

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Love this Rivermint

Love using this fine leaf Rivermint in our Dja-Wonmuruk ‘Yes-Tea’ Blend. It’s sweet mint aroma creates the perfect balance.

i is likw da favour

i like dwa twastei favour and i is goin ta gut mor :)

So good my kids love it!

My 2 and 4 year old kids would have eaten this all straight out of the packet before I had even used it, if I had of let them. It was beautiful. Thank you!

Really enticing spearmint flavour!

Really enticing spearmint flavour! Reminds me so much of the smell of a mint slice biscuit! Not as intensely menthol as some I've had before which is really nice! Great floral notes too. My plant at home tastes like you've just brushed your teeth if I eat it raw, so I much prefer yours!