River Mint Herbs and Spice Melbourne Bushfood
River Mint - Melbourne Bushfood
River Mint - Melbourne Bushfood
River Mint - Melbourne Bushfood

River Mint Spice

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Made in Australia

River Mint // Metha australis

River Mint is the Australian mint. With a powerful spearmint like flavour, each leaf comes dried making it ideal for tea infusions, or for souvlaki/Middle-Eastern styled recipes. It's an outstanding addition in desserts, and can be used as a healthy flavouring in tarts, cheesecakes, or even ice-cream!

Each leaf is handpicked and requires 1kg of fresh leaves to produce one 50g bag. River Mint has also been used traditionally as a herbal medicine by Indigenous communities. Boil in hot water to help ease the symptoms of coughs and colds, and to assist digestive function

How to Use/Benefits

River Mint has a similar flavour to spearmint and peppermint. It is commonly used in Middle-Eastern styled dishes, as well as in desserts. Great uses include:

  • Persian styled stew (Khoresh)
  • Cheesecakes
  • Mint Ice-creams
  • Basil/River Mint Pesto

Most commonly however, River Mint is used as a herbal tea to provide benefits and flavour on a cold, winters day.


Vegan River Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

River Mint and Finger Lime Icy Poles

Vegan River Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Warrigal Greens and Mountain Pepperleaf Pakoras with a River Mint Raita dip


Health Properties:

As with all mint species, River Mint has been identified as a powerful herbal medicine thought to help improve general wellbeing. Some of the fascinating properties include:

  • Carminative properties which help to ease the stomach, and to relieve esophageal pressure and heartburn.
  • Natural anti-septic
  • Fever reduction and may help to relieve congestion of the common cold.

River Mint has a lot more to it that that, click here to learn more about this incredible Australian native ingredient.