River Mint - Melbourne Bushfood
River Mint - Melbourne Bushfood

River Mint

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River Mint Plant(aka. Wild Mint) // Mentha australis


River Mint is a smaller, less-invasive relative to other species of mints. Native across southern Australia, it has a flavour and intensity similar to spearmint. River Mint is hardy and can grow well in pots and herb gardens. The benefit of River Mint is that it won't be as invasive as other mints, and has a unique and delicious flavour. 

We also have dried River Mint available.


AVAILABLE VIC/NSW/QLD/ACT ONLY - We ship our plants via Express Post on Mondays to prevent them from being kept over the weekend. If you've ordered other products, they will be delivered together. Please note, we take care in packaging your plants, but we do not take responsibility if your parcel is delayed. 


Harvesting: Simply harvest the leaves and eat fresh, or dry them!


Growing Conditions: River Mint loves shady spots and moisture. It grows best in boggy soil with high moisture. In contrast, it does well in sunny positions only if there is organic matter and watered regularly. Like other mint, it is a fast grower and will need regular pruning to be kept tidy. Great in pots!


Size: Less invasive than other mints, it grows 25cm high and 100cm wide.