Roasted Sandalwood Nuts - Melbourne Bushfood
Roasted Sandalwood Nuts - Melbourne Bushfood
Roasted Sandalwood Nuts - Melbourne Bushfood

Roasted Sandalwood Nuts

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Made in Australia

Roasted Sandalwood Nuts // Santalum spicatum

Sandalwood is a native shrub found in the arid interior of northern and western Australia. Eaten by Aboriginal Australians for the nutrient rich nuts as well as the leaves which were used as a medicinal tea. The kernels are a by-product, as the kernel shell is prized for its flavour when used for smoking meats and food. 


No-bake Cheesecake

Sandalwood Nuts Booster Breakfast

Sandalwood Nuts & Sultana Cookies

Sandalwood Nuts Chocolate Brownies

Sandalwood Banana Muffins


Restaurants use Sandalwood Nuts for their delicious buttery, chewy texture. We recommend roasting with spices for a healthy snack, or crumbling the nut to be used as a nutritious and flavoursome almond-meal replacement in desserts, bread making, or cakes.

Health Benefits:

Sandalwood nuts contain important dietary fibre with over double the protein of the better known Macadamia. and is being used by restaurants for its deliciously buttery flavour. It's sustainably sourced from Western Australia, and is medium roasted to perfection for you to enjoy by itself, or to cook with.


Learn more about the delicious flavour and health benefits this Australian ingredient has to offer. Click here to learn more!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lorraine P.
Delicious unusual chocolates

Melbourne Bushfoods' series of chocolate blocks make an awesome gift to our chocoholic friends. My favourite is Wattleseed Crunch for its pure originality.

Sandalwood nuts

The product was beautifully presented. Love the premise of your shop and will shop again.

Lacking flavour

Many reviews and descriptions rated these as superior in flavour and texture to macadamias. We found the nuts to be very creamy and a lovely texture however they had very little flavour eaten alone.

Sandalwood Nuts

Delicious mild and creamy nut with fascinating texture. I look forward to using them in my favourite recipes in the future. Prompt delivery as usual.

Unique and delicious

I love snacking on these nuts. Really pleased that I bought them because they're far better than any other nut i've tried. I roast it until it's very dark on the inside and then coat them in a spice mix. Deliciously good! It came fast which was also nice.

Ben T.
Loved them!

I've never actually had these before! Super creamy and interesting to eat how they kind of become a like kind of a paste but in a good way (if that makes sense?). I really enjoy the subtle nut flavour and think it goes great with the creaminess. Plus they look like little coconuts which is super cute!