Saltbush - Melbourne Bushfood
Saltbush - Melbourne Bushfood
Saltbush - Melbourne Bushfood
Saltbush - Melbourne Bushfood
Saltbush - Melbourne Bushfood


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Coastal Saltbush Plant // Atriplex cinerea


Saltbush is a delicious native plant with salty leaves and bitter berries which can be used in stir fries or even as a salad. Saltbush is an exceptionally hardy plant, with beautiful pale-green leaves which look great. 

Native across the southern coastline, they've been used for thousands of years by Aboriginal Australians both as food and as traditional medication. 

Harvest the leaves a required and enjoy!


 Harvesting: Simply harvest the leaves and eat fresh, or cook for a delicious salty kick! Tip: Soak for 5 minutes in vinegar before cooking (tastes great!)


Growing Conditions: Different to Old Man's Saltbush, Coastal Saltbush is just a hardy and thrives in Melbourne's coastal regions. Tolerant of many soil types, it thrives in both shady and full-sun positions. Exceptionally drought-tolerant, you won't find established plants being affected too severely by prolonged dry-spells. 


Size: As a native shrub, it will bulge out over time. It will grow to approximately 1 metre high, and 2 metres wide.



AVAILABLE VIC/NSW/QLD/ACT ONLY - We ship our plants via Express Post on Mondays to prevent them from being kept over the weekend. If you've ordered other products, they will be delivered together. Please note, we take care in packaging your plants, but we do not take responsibility if your parcel is delayed. 

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent safe delivery

Arrived with other plants l also ordered all ready to plant. Great success

Creating a food forest

My plants arrived so quickly and in great condition, looking forward to creating my food forest with a mixture of bushfood plants, edible weeds and conventional fruit and vegetables.


Prompt delivery and both salt bush and native raspberry are growing strongly.

Very happy customer

Extremely happy with the condition of my saltbush when it arrived. I live in NSW and when the plant arrived it was in amazing condition.
Will definitely be buying from Melbourne bushfood again and will be recommending to family and friends.

Bushfood Plants

Packed exceptionally well, unfortunately delivery was delayed due to Australia Post. My plants arrived 10 days after ordering and were a bit worse for wear. I am caring for them and they seem to be bouncing back very well.
Thank you. Melissa