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  • Sea Celery = Melbourne Bushfood
  • Sea Celery = Melbourne Bushfood
  • Sea Celery = Melbourne Bushfood

Sea Celery

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  • Celery replacement
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We're unable to ship plants to WA or TAS= - sorry!
We're unable to ship
plants to WA or TAS
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Sea Celery FAQ's 🌱

Sea Celery is a native bush herb that grows along the southeastern coastline of Australia. Being a close relative of the European celery, it has the familiar zesty flavour with a delicious peppery zing. As a coastal plant, it takes some coastal flavours from the environment and gives it its unique flavour.

The Sea Celery is a very versatile herb and can be used in nearly all its forms. Plucked straight from the bush it can be used as a garnish or chopped to flavour salad, soup, or chicken and fish dishes. The stems are also very flavorful and will add delicious depth as a cooking spice or in a condiment. It is recommended to blanch them before using them and this will temper the strong flavour.

It is a very adaptable plant and can grow in most temperate environments Sea Parsley is also very tolerant as they can survive through droughts and can grow in quite sandy or salty soil.

Climate Zones: Arid, Cool, Temperate, Sub-Tropical, Tropical.

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Cut the leaves to use in cooking, leave the base of the plant to keep growing.

Sea Celery loves moist soils so water often to keep the soil moist but not clogged. This may mean watering once every couple of days or more often in hot, dry conditions.

Sea Celery grows well in full sun or part shade - choose a spot with well-drained soil. You can add organic matter to enrich the soil. Did a hole double the size of the tubestock pot.

If growing in a pot, fill with Osmocote Premium Potting mix. Dig a hole twice as wide and to the same depth as the existing root ball. Remove seedling or young plant from its pot, loosen the mix to free the roots and position in the centre of the hole. Backfill, firm down and water in well.

While sea celery can be drought-tolerant, we recommend watering regularly throughout the growing season for best results. Pro tip: Spread an organic mulch, such as pea straw or sugarcane, around the base of the plant to help retain moisture.

Sea Celery grows well in a wide-range of soil types. Sandy, Loamy, Sandy loam, Clay loam, Potting mix, Saline, Poor soil are all a go with this species.

The leaves are variable, with toothed leaflets, and a celery like aroma. The tiny white flowers occur in clusters. Sea Celery is used as a substitute for traditional celery. It imparts a salty taste and can be used as a garnish, to flavour soups and stews, or mixed with other herbs in a seasoning mix.

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