Strawberry Gum - Melbourne Bushfood
Strawberry Gum - Melbourne Bushfood
Strawberry Gum - Melbourne Bushfood
Strawberry Gum - Melbourne Bushfood
Strawberry Gum - Melbourne Bushfood

Strawberry Gum

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Strawberry Gum // Eucalyptus olida

Strawberry Gum isn't like any other eucalypt. With a fragrantly fruity, almost bubblegum flavour and aroma, Strawberry Gum is a delicious flavouring for cream-based desserts, baked goods, and other sweets. Endemic to north-eastern Tablelands region of New South Wales, Aboriginal Australians would chew the flavoursome leaves.


Due to its rich essential oils, Strawberry Gum's aromatic flavour is filled with delicious undernotes of basil, strawberries, and red fruits.

It is an excellent addition in all cream based deserts such as Pavlova, or Pana Cotta. Make a Chilli & Strawberry Gum marinade for fish, or sprinkle a bit over a fresh fruit salad. Our favourite is in a Balsamic & Olive oil vinegarette.

It is becoming increasingly used by Gin and Beer manufacturers for its fruity flavour profile.

Nutritional Properties:

Showcasing a host of health benefits, Eucalyptus Olida, or Strawberry Gum contains:

  • Anti-Fungal & Anti-Bacterial Properties
  • Helps to balance gut micro-flora, which helps to calm the stomach and improve general intestinal health.
  • Thought to be a good source of antioxidants which help to neutralize carcinogens, may soothe inflammation, and slow the aging process.

What's fruity, ground and super easy to cook with? This powerful ingredient adds a delicious zap of berry-goodness to both sweet & savoury dishes. Sourced from Australian growers, it's a great addition on a classic Smashed Avo, or great in pastry.

An excellent enhancement to fruit salads, and cream-based desserts like pana cotta, crème brûlée and pavlova. Plus, the antioxidant properties will help you feel and look great!


Want to learn more about the Health Benefits, Origin, and Uses of this incredible Australian ingredient? Click here to learn more!

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New favourite obsession!
Love strawberry gum!
Love it on my oatmeal