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Vegan Bush Box Collection

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Handmade | Ethical | Australian


Discover or rediscover six of the most bespoke Australian flavours with our ethically sourced chocolates & native ingredients. Better yet, you can eat in comfort knowing that each chocolate box is plastic free and uses on 100% recyclable and 100% compostable materials. Taste a true celebration of Australia.

This box contains ;


80% - Davidson Plum Single Origin Dark Chocolate

64% - Murray Basin Salt Flake & Pepperberry Chocolate

71% - Lemon Myrtle Dark Chocolate

Saltbush - a salty native herb great in chickpea stews or sprinkled over tofu

Wattleseed - hazelnut/coffee used to deepen earthy flavours, use as a sustainable and ethical (and coffee tasting) coffee substitute.

Pepperberry - the pepper replacement that isn't washing thousands of litres of chemicals into the river. Tastes like a fruity peppercorn, spicy and strong. Use as regular pepper.



    • Produced using Premium Belgian Chocolate
    • Artisanal & Handcrafted
    • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives


Use of Quality Belgian Chocolate

Quality chocolate is what we're about. From the cultivation of the cocoa beans to the production of the chocolate - we ensure a premium product. Our chocolate base is crafted in Belgium by some of Europe's most skilled chocolatiers. We use suppliers that hold sustainability at their core, ensuring that:

    • There is no use of child labour

    • Minimum salary conditions are met

    • A Limited/controlled use of hazardous materials

    • Sustainable agricultural practises are used.

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