Wattleseed Crunch Milk Chocolate - Melbourne Bushfood
Wattleseed Crunch Milk Chocolate - Melbourne Bushfood
Wattleseed Crunch Milk Chocolate - Melbourne Bushfood

Wattleseed Crunch Milk Chocolate

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Handmade | Ethical | Australian


Australia is home to hundreds of Acacia (Wattle) species, and featured on this exquisite bar are two of our favourites. Mixing both Acacia Victoriae for its nutty, coffee like sweetness and Acacia Longifolia with strong popcorn undernotes, we blend them with premium Belgian milk chocolate for a creamy and wild finish.

It's a wild bar with wild flavours, limited stock available.


    • Produced using Premium Belgian Chocolate

    • Artisanal & Handcrafted


    Available in a 50g tablet

    Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Acacia Longifolia, Acacia Victoriae, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin E322)*, natural vanilla flavouring.

    *This is a naturally occurring stabilizer from Soy Bean oil.


    Wattle we eat? Wild Wattleseed!

    Carefully hunted for in the semi-arid regions of South Australia and across into NSW, each seed is gathered by experts. Being wild-harvested, they use no irrigation, fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide, pesticide, or other chemical. This ensures a sustainable product that doesn't impact the environment, consume significant resources, or harm birds or insects.

    It's a win-win because each full seed contains around 34g of protein per 100g, and is absolutely delicious! So it's good for you and the environment, why not?Try it today, or try some Wattleseed for your cooking!

    Prefer something darker? How about Pepperberry & Murray River Salt

    Use of Quality Belgian Chocolate

    Quality chocolate is what we're about. From the cultivation of the cocoa beans to the production of the chocolate - we ensure a premium product. Our chocolate base is crafted in Belgium by some of Europe's most skilled chocolatiers. We use suppliers that hold sustainability at their core, ensuring that:

      • There is no use of child labour

      • Minimum salary conditions are met

      • A Limited/controlled use of hazardous materials

      • Sustainable agricultural practises are used.

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