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Gumby Gumby - Pittosporum angustifolium - Care Guide

Pittosporum angustifolium! More commonly going by the name Gumby Gumby, it grows in a range of habitats throughout inland Australia. Found in all states of Australia except Tasmania, and the Northern Territory, you'll notice this species growing along alluvial flats, ridges, as well as dry woodland and on loamy, clay or sandy soils. However it is an a very uncommon plant to find! It produces small round orange fruit that resembles an apricot and can remain on the tree for several years.

Although they look like Apricots, the fruits themselves are not considered a food source. Rather the leaves themselves have been widely used in First Nations bush medicine as a form of treatment for coughs, colds and eczema, and to induce lactation. Tea is the more common and preferred use of Gumby Gumby today. The plant’s slender leaves can be steeped in hot water to make a delicious, aromatic brew.  


Quick Care

Botanical Name Pittosporum angustifolium
Size Plant: Seedling pot, min 20 cm tall
Frost Tolerance:
Tolerates Light Frost
Drought Tolerance: Drought Tolerant
Soil Type:
Well-drained, loamy soil
Sun: Full-sun/Part-shade
Size:  8m Tree
Pots: Does well in pots
Feeding: Feed a high-quality native plant food every 6 months.



For best results, plant your Gumby Gumby in well-drained loamy soil and place your plant in full sun. You can also grow in part shade for reasonable results. This slender tree can attain a height of up to 8m.


Frost tolerance

Gumby Gumby is able to tolerate light frost. If you live in a cooler climate like Melbourne keeping your plant well protected is super important. If your area is susceptible to heavy or prolonged frosts, consider growing this plant in a hothouse or indoors in a large pot when young. 



This lovely species does well in full sun but it can thrive in part sun.



Watering & Drought Tolerance 

You won't need to water Gumby Gumby much thanks to its drought-tolerant nature. However, while developing, water as needed and water deeply throughout Summer. Once established, it is highly tolerant of hot, dry periods and can survive with little water. 


Fertilising your Gumby Gumby 

Though not entirely necessary, you can moderately feed your tree with a slow-release garden fertiliser over the growing seasons for an added boost.


Growing Gumby Gumby in pots

Gumby Gumby does well in pots. Be sure to keep it in a sunny spot on a balcony or backyard. Use a high-quality potting mix without fillers or additives and add your own plant food for the highest success.