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Twiggy Heath Myrtle - Babingtonia similis - Care Guide

Babingtonia similis! Or as it's more commonly called Twiggy Heath. Growing in a wide range of habitats from Brisbane through to Newcastle, you'll find this 

Shrub in open eucalyptus forests, often near creeks and gullies. It grows gorgeous white, cream, purple or pink flowers depending on the species. These flowers produce lots of nectar, creating the perfect environment for bees and wildlife as well as being used for honey production.

During Spring and Summer is when you can expect this native to be covered in masses of  spectacular flowers!


Quick Care

Botanical Name
Babingtonia similis
Size Plant: Seedling pot, min 20 cm tall
Frost Tolerance:
Tolerates light frost
Drought Tolerance: Drought tolerant.
Soil Type:
Dry, Well-drained, Moist moderate drainage
Sun: Full-sun/Part-shade
Size:  2m shrub.
Pots: Does well in pots.
Feeding: Feed a high-quality native plant food every 6 months.



For best results, plant your Twiggy Heath Myrtle in dry, well-drained, moist soil with moderate drainage and place your plant in full sun. You can also grow in part shade for reasonable results. This dense, flowering shrub can attain a height of up to 2m. It's perfect for hedging or screening as well as a pollinator for your garden.


Frost tolerance

Preferring moderately warm conditions, Twiggy Heath Myrtle is able to tolerate light frost. If you live in a cooler climate like Melbourne keeping your plant well-protected in its early stages is super important, so we recommend offering it extra protection during winter.



This lovely species does well in full sun but it can thrive in part sun but with lower fruiting amounts.



Watering & Drought Tolerance 

You'll want water Twiggy Heath Myrtle just enough that it's holding some moisture in the soil. During wintertime, you can hold back on watering but as the temperature increases ensure that you're keeping your plant watered if the surface soil is too dry.  


Fertilising your Twiggy Heath Myrtle

We recommend you fertilise your Twiggy Heath Myrtle using slow release fertiliser  


Growing Moreton Bay Fig in pots

Twiggy Heath Myrtle does well in pots. Make sure to water if the surface soil is too dry and use a high-quality potting mix without fillers or additives and add your own plant food for the highest success.